Vongplayer is the world’s first and... well currently only audiovisual multi-track recorder allowing you to record webcams with accurate synchronisation. It's a new millennium re-working of popular 4-track tape machine tools of the 90s. The difference being nowadays why wouldn't you want to record yourself with video at the same time and send tracks to friends at the press of a button? Vongplayer is designed as a modern-day audiovisual sketchpad and collaboration tool for quickly getting musical ideas down and sharing them with friends... or the world! Load videos from YouTube and play alongside them, record your own guitar lessons from 4 different angles, try some casual video karaoke, sing 'happy birthday' from four different countries and send it to your Mum! Music, art, education and fun... Vongplayer is a new tool with possibilities yet to be discovered. The latest release features integrated Youtube search, Youtube Downloader, 4-channel mixdown and sharing via email or direct link to the Youtube upload page. Visit the Vongplay website and help build a new community for creative collaboration! Have Fun! www.vongplay.com


  • audio/video webcam recorder
  • synchronised 4-channel AV playback
  • volume, mute and solo controls
  • save notes related to the Vong (Visual Song)
  • save the videos, controls and notes as a Vong which can be loaded later
  • mix down multitrack vongs for easy sharing
  • share via email or upload to Youtube

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3 April 2014

I'd give this a five if I did not have to record all videos separate, upload them, and sync the, by ear! Which defeats the point of the app. If this problem were fixed I would rate this 5, but I have a new computer and its fast so I don't know why this app wont work properly.


8 February 2014

This app is too much fun. I was actually looking for a multitrack sequencer when I found it, so I thought why not. I've had a blast using it. I am a multi-instrumentalist and while It is not anything that you would want to cut an album on, it is great when your writing songs with multiple parts and need a quick way to get them down. It also opens up worlds of creativity. As with any audio or video program, the latency needs to be adjusted to your pc for tracks to sync. Samsung ATIV 500


3 January 2014

Interface is great, idea is awesome. I want to use it to make multi-track beatbox videos. Unfortunately, it crashes most the time when I select the forward facing camera on Surface RT... and the videos don't really sync up. (at least not enough to do anything musical.)


15 November 2013

Especially since there's no multitrack video recorder for any other platform, it was a pleasant surprise to find one for Win8. Its functionality is basic but it works well. One simple addition that I would like is the ability to pan individual audio tracks in addition to adjusting their volumes.


29 March 2013

This is a fantastic concept that has the ability to be extremely useful to me except the recordings don't sync up at all. like at all. needs work before id actually buy instead of try