WDTV Remote

Turn your tablet or computer into a remote for your WD TV® Live Hub™ or WD TV Live™. Simply launch the app and instantly take control of any WD TV Live Hub or WD TV Live that is connected on the same network. version 2.0 : Seeking functionality, displaying current played video title version 1.6 : Adding power on/off button (power on does not work with WDTV Live Media Player) Feel free to contact me : eric.le.roy@free.fr this application was tested with the following devices WD TV Live Hub Media Center WD TV Live Media Player WD TV Live Streaming Media Player (Gen 3)


  • Control your WD TV from anywhere in your house using your wireless network

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8 February 2015

This app works great. Faster and more responsive than the official Android app. I especially like that the title of the track is displayed. Handy for listening to music in a different room. If you can add the artist name it would be perfect!


25 December 2014

Actual remote went kaput; this app works better than the official WD app I've used on my Android phone.


9 November 2014

Nice and Excellent


21 July 2014

The only things better would be if they had text entry and a Windows Phone version which included text entry and volume control. An app with multiple media player manufacturers would be amazing.


5 July 2014

Works great with WDTVLIVEPLUS, love it!


23 June 2014

I have trying to find a remote that works with my WDTV Play device for months. This app works with the device and is fully functional of my surface.


25 January 2014

Recommend a widescreen & regularscreen on the fly funtion, . Also the keyboard for searching option. Very nice work, keep on .


19 January 2014

It works, a small tweak to add a numerical display to search by time would be great... the volume control is great to have.


7 January 2014

This app really doesn't offer anything more than the remote. What I don't like about the app or remote is there isn't a keyboard search function. Please add this if you can.


22 December 2013

Very well made, however what I find disappointing in most of these remote control apps is the fact that you still need to use the real hardware remote to turn the device ON or OFF which in my opinion makes the app kind of pointless.