Weather Mapping for Windows 8 and 8.1

Weather Mapping

Version 7: Fixed Rapid Refresh maps. Version 6: Added SPC (Storm Prediction Center) maps. Version 5: Added a main screen that shows your local weather information based on your gps location. Also added a 4 day forecast. The app does work and please ignore the 1 star review. This application is to show HRRR (High Resolution Rapid Refresh) data from NOAA. First, choose an area that you would like to view and then choose the map type. Once you have done that, choose one of the map buttons. If the maps are available, they will show up, if not a red bar will indicate they are not available at that moment. The maps are displayed in UTC time and I have provided a conversion legend below the maps. In the next release I will be adding new maps from other sources. This application is designed for advanced users/storm chasers to determine parameters for an up coming event.


  • HRRR, SPC Weather maps
  • Noaa maps

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4 December 2014

The above review is incorrect. This application does work as expected. Every so often NOAA changes where the information is stored and an update is necessary.


13 August 2014

Does not work on Windows Surface.


7 August 2014

Hey, This app keeps closing after I open it. My computer uses Windows 8. Please fix


30 April 2014

Utter fail. Even if it worked correctly, the design is not even remotely optimal - especially for its intended purpose. I wouldn't be so blunt, but it is offered as a paid app, so one is lead to assume a certain level professionalism in design and performance, and this app shows neither. About the only thing that appears to work as designed is the ad rotator.