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    Various bugfixes and some minor improvements have been made to keep the app up-to-date. Your opinion is valued, so if you like the app, then please take a moment to review it.


WeatherPro for Windows 8 features high-quality seven-day forecasts and weather reports for over two million locations worldwide. The Weather App highlights include global satellite plus radar for the USA, Australia and much of Europe. Images can be animated with interactive elements bringing the weather to life! NEW! Already the most comprehensive weather app on the market, WeatherPro also has a Premium subscription option which takes the service to an even more advanced level. WeatherPro Premium offers everything found on the standard app plus: • Hourly forecasts for 2 weeks ahead • Multiple layers of advanced weather information on the new high resolution weather maps (including precipitation type radar in Europe, radar forecasts, heat maps, lightning strikes and cloud cover forecasts) • Ski Weather for over 900 resorts in 17 countries and Beach Weather with UV Index and water temperatures for the Mediterranean, Caribbean and other popular holiday destinations • And more… For status updates please follow @WeatherPro. WeatherPro is one of the few weather apps to be developed by true weather professionals – find out more about MeteoGroup, Europe’s largest independent weather company at www.meteogroup.com.


  • 7-day weather forecast
  • 3-hourly intervals
  • Weather News
  • Weather Live-Tile
  • Weather reports for over 2 million locations worldwide
  • Temperature (Celsius/Fahrenheit) and the all important “feels like”
  • Wind direction and speed (in your chosen format)
  • Air pressure, precipitation amount and relative humidity
  • View forecast as a graph for an alternative, easy to read outlook
  • Radar images for the USA, Australia and much of Europe
  • Snapped view support
  • Share via Facebook, Twitter and more
  • Favourites settings
  • Available in 14 European languages
  • NEW! High resolution weather maps (interactive weather icons and city temperatures)
  • NEW! Isobar maps
  • NEW! Weather Reports
  • NEW! Map of water temperatures in Europe

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25 February 2015

I really prefer the free weather apps, even with their annoying ads. There's the usual information in this app, not necessarily presented as I prefer but the info is there, somewhere. You might have to spend a moment or two wondering how a chart should be interpreted for example. And the maps just don't cut it. The satellite animation is nice but the color coded maps such as radar only show shades of one or two colors which make it difficult to distinguish rain from snow. They seem to only indicate intensity, not precipitation type. If you want to see beyond your immediate region you're out of luck. The radar map cannot be scrolled or zoomed. How can you see more detailed maps? Why send them some more money, of course! Some of the free apps are much more generous and that's a shame because the MeteoGroup is one of the most reliable forecasters around.


22 February 2015

Nice app!!, That is what I used to think....lol. it is slow to load and I can not load any new favs to this app. It can not find Colorado Springs Co, USA.... had to down grade my rating, 5 to 3, sorry!!! not so good.


29 October 2014

More info then I need, great app.


22 October 2014

My city is not supported ... can't get my local weather ...... I can on my android phone running the same app ... will give more stars and a better review if you can add my city


13 June 2014

Auf iOS ok und informativ. Auf Windows, oh Graus. Liebe Leute, was soll das. Die "Premium Subsciption" macht es leider auch keinen Unterschied. Das könnt ihr bestimmt besser.


15 April 2014

I regret this purchase.


27 January 2014

Fonctionne bien, très pratique pour visualiser l'évolution des courbes de température.


25 September 2013

This is a horrible app. If I could get my money back I would. It is not intuitive at all. Cannot change cities in any easily understood way. Is mostly for European cities. no way to make it local that I can see. save yourself and don't bother.


20 September 2013

Website leads you to believe they have active tiles. They don't! Difficult app to figure out regarding configuration. Wish I could get a refund!


12 September 2013

Sometimes it just doesn´t start (starts, but immediately exits). Once it locked win 8 completely. Couldn´t close it, get back to start screen or anything. Had to shut off the PC.

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