When in Rome (Premium)

BE THE FIRST TO TRY A NEW HIT! From the creators of Roads of Rome series! WHEN IN ROME is already here! Realore introduces a brand new strategy game where players can put themselves in the shoes of Flavius, experienced Roman warrior who had to retire and needs to build a new life for himself. After he got injured, Flavius is sad and lonely, he can't be a warrior anymore and he is not wealthy. Meanwhile, the Roman Empire prospers and the Emperor decides to expand territories. He assigns Flavius a position of instructor for those who will build new settlements and towns, and take care of farming lands. JOIN US! Enjoy Realore Games at: http://realore.com Follow us on Facebook: https://facebook.com/RealoreGame Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/RealoreGames Privacy Policy: http://realore.com/appprivacypolicy.php


  • Make Flavius' dreams come true!
  • Travel across 41 challenging levels!
  • Help locals along the way!
  • Organize production and delivery of various goods!
  • When in Rome, do as Flavius does.