Where Angels Cry HD

Embark on a secret mission to a mysterious and isolated monastery! Journey deep into the Alps to a remote medieval monastery, where you must investigate the disappearance of Brother John as well as the curious case of a weeping statue. Explore the monastery and its eerie surroundings while interrogating its inhabitants, completing challenging tasks, solving perplexing puzzles and playing dozens of mini-games. Uncover a sad and shocking story of love and treachery in this exciting adventure game! UNLOCK THE FULL ADVENTURE FROM WITHIN THIS FREE APP NOW !


  • 18 amazing mini-games and puzzles to solve
  • Seven mysterious locations to explore
  • Three modes: casual, adventure and challenge
  • Collect 21 angels to unlock additional achievements
  • HD graphics and a riveting storyline

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28 August 2016

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27 August 2016

just started playing it but seems cool. it deals with Angels its gotta be cool.


23 July 2016

so far its great


10 June 2016

Its okay I wish it would tell you what you are suppose to do cause it kind of leaves you not knowing?!?!


24 May 2016

Different story. Very intriguing.


20 May 2016

Its ok for an adventure game.


25 January 2016

Storyline is pleasant, decent graphics. Hard to tell how well it will progress since it's only a demo.


7 January 2016

this is a great game love all their games


23 December 2015

this is a good game


6 December 2015

Love this game

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