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  • Supported processors: x64, x86, ARM
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    White Noise Version 3 allows you to download new sounds from the White Noise Market website! Just tap the download button or visit http://whitenoisemarket.com/ and start downloading hundreds of new sounds for free! Added "Download Sounds", "Sound Details", "Import Sound", and "Delete Sound" actions to the bottom command bar. Drag/drop support and double-click support added for White Noise Audio files (WNA files) for quicker imports from the Market. White Noise Version 2 added 50 professional ambient sounds, background audio by popular request, and more! White Noise 3.1 added numerous performance enhancements and UI improvements for smaller screens.

White Noise

White Noise provides ambient sounds of the environment to help you relax or sleep. Do you find yourself waking up in the middle of the night? Are you in a hotel and miss the familiar sound of your fan? Flying on a plane and just want to nap? Includes high quality looping noises such as waves crashing on a beach, crickets chirping at night, and the soothing sound of rain fall. Relax. Sleep better. Feel better. SOUND CATALOG Air Conditioner, Airplane Travel, Amazon Jungle, Babbling Brook, Bathroom Fan, Beach Waves Crashing, Blowing Wind, Blue Noise, Boat Swaying in Water, Box Fan, Brown Noise, Camp Fire, Cars Driving, Cat Purring, Chimes Chiming, City Streets, Clothes Dryer, Crickets Chirping, Crowded Room, Dishwasher Rinsing, Evening Lake, Extreme Rain Pouring, Frogs at Night, Gentle Waterfall, Grandfather Clock, Gray Noise, Hair Dryer Blowing, Heartbeat, Heavy Rain Pouring, Light Rain Pouring, Ocean Waves Crashing, Oscillating Fan, Pink Noise, Rain on Car Roof, Rain on Lake, Rain on Metal Roof, Rain on Tent, Rain Storm, Running Shower, Running Water, Singing Birds, Stream Water Flowing, Thunder Storm, Tibetan Singing Bowl, Train Ride, Vacuum Cleaner, Violet Noise, Water Dripping, Water Sprinkler, White Noise FEATURES - 50 perfectly looped ambient sounds - Download hundreds of new sounds from our White Noise Market at http://whitenoisemarket.com/ - Sound shutdown timer that slowly fades audio volume out - Background audio plays while minimized - Digital clock perfect for any nightstand - Media controls integration - Optimized for Windows 10 PRESS REVIEWS White Noise has been featured by popular TV shows (Today Show, Dr. Oz Show, Friends First, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon), major media outlets (NBC News Today, Health Magazine, The Washington Post, NY Times, CNET, Esquire, PC Magazine), and raved about by millions of satisfied customers. ADDITIONAL INFO Visit our website for more information at http://www.tmsoft.com/ Visit the White Noise Market at http://whitenoisemarket.com/ Like us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/WhiteNoiseApp Follow us on twitter at https://twitter.com/whitenoiseapp Thanks for using White Noise by TMSOFT!


  • 50 perfectly looped sleeping sounds and hundreds of free downloads from the market
  • Sound shutoff timer adjustable in settings that slowly fades audio volume out
  • LED digital sleep clock perfect for any nightstand
  • Beautiful photos to match the high quality of each sound
  • Background audio plays while app is minimized
  • Media controls integration

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25 May 2016

When you minimize the screen, the sounds ends and renders the app useless


10 February 2016

The name "White Noise" is misleading. (Intentionally? For boosted download stats? I hope not.) This isn't the same "White Noise" app you are used to using on your other platforms. Other platforms might have the app called "White Noise Lite" but even that isn't accurate for this app. I would characterize THIS app as "White Noise Ultra Lite" for two very big reasons. My biggest point being you are STUCK looking at the running app. There is only sound when the app is the active window. You can't work on other stuff. Your device can't go into screen saver or sleep mode. The 10 sounds that come in the app are the ONLY sounds you CAN have - no link with White Noise Market to add more. There isn't any recognition of Market downloads to the 'white noise' you installed on the device either if you come that direction. You can't mix sounds. The name "White Noise" is misleading.


19 July 2015

This app is pointless if it cannot run in the background. The android version lets you create mixes, favorites and runs in the background. This does none of that. I'm surprised it hasn't been fixed after so long.


11 June 2015

Great grafics and sound, lacking a lullaby and multiple sounds option.


11 May 2015

Sound stops when other apps are in the foreground.


14 January 2015

Thank-you for an app that has multiple sound tracks and no bugs, add more sounds please.


12 January 2015

It does not support connected standby and does not continue playing when the device is off.


10 January 2015



25 December 2014

I have the same app on Android and its great. On Windows however it won't stay on for more than a 5 minutes or so. Probably a function of how windows handles power consumption but needs to be fixed.


21 December 2014

On Android, this app is fantastic. Really appreciate it! On my Surface, though, it fails to continue playing the sound the moment I switch away from the app. Since I do artwork in sometimes noisy environments that would benefit from having an app like this, it makes White Noise for PC (Surface) useless to me. Too bad, since the sounds are really nice and the app is elegantly designed. Another (unfortunate) jab I have to make is that the app doesn't seem to let you play two or more sounds at once (which the phone/Android version does). Fix these things and I'd be happy to rate a 4 or 5!!!

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