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13 December 2012

How can you enjoy Wikipedia without being able to jump back from links as you dig? Does anyone actually use these Win8 apps before they get to the store?


12 December 2012

With this app it is easier to find Wikipedia articles. Needs better support for snap view and ability to search via charms.


23 November 2012

Αυτή η εφαρμογή θα ήταν καλή, αν παρείχε αναζήτηση από την μπάρα των Συμβόλων και αν είχε προσαρμοζόμενη οθόνη για την εμφάνιση του άρθρου. Δεν τα έχει όμως. This app would be good, if it supported Charm Search and if the screen to view the article was adjustable. But it isn't.