Wild Animals Transporter Truck Driving 3D

Animal Transport Truck 3D 2016 is an Off Road big truck driving simulator and wild beast simulators in a single package! It gives the player a chance to perform trucking and transportation duty of cattle and wild animals and carry them to zoo and grand truck. Enjoy realistic big trucking controls and drive on off-road tracks to transport wild beast and cattle. Download and play one of the best cattle and wild beast truck transport and farm animal transporter trucking game! Game Play Experience: Animal Transporter Truck simulator gives you an addictive game play to the user providing 3D rendered HD graphics of console quality. You are given an animal simulation experience in which you will take control of wild beast like elephant and cattle etc! After enjoying that simulator, you will be challenged to drive the grand transporter truck on off-Road tracks! Driving on offroad tracks and not to harm wild beast and cattle in accidents is a tough job but as a skilled trucking duty driver you will perform this transport duty better than everyone. You are given the transport duty in the zoo to make it a spot worth visiting for the tourists. From furious wild beasts like elephant to zebras, goats etc, take control of all and enjoy the transport duty! Transportation Missions: You are about the play a simulation game with awesome simulators of truck and animals and you are going to get challenged in the mission given by the developers of the game. Start with a low difficulty mission to challenging missions of offroad truck driving and animal simulators. In this game you will be face the challenges to transport animals to the zoo in limited time and drive on the breath taking offroad tracks in which you will be driving with extreme skills otherwise you will crash your truck and get drowned in the sea or you will have an accident with the mountains. Enjoy the trucking missions and transportation duty, and be a trucker to enjoy the Animal Transport Truck 3D 2016 Key Features Animals Transport Truck 3D 2016: - 2 in 1 Simulation Experience - Wild animals and cattle Transportation - Grand Trucking Transporter Driving - Off-road Driving Experience - Realistic Graphics and picturesque Environment - Realistic 3D Models of Zebra, elephant, goat etc