Win8 Media Center

Win8 Media Center is a application that can play videos and music from local hard drives, optical drives. This allows use of the Media Center and its features such as view photos, videos, listen to music etc.


  • Watch Movies, listen Music & view Photos or Albums with all Entertainment & advanced functionalities
  • Advance functionalities like Navigation bar, Dual Audio, Subtitles, Background Audio support have been incorporated in this Release

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16 January 2015

Junk ,I feel like I been taken for a 1.29,, installed tried to run video doesn't work,,DVD doesn't work, bring up photos, doesn't work, music doesn't work ,a complete joke, now I need to figure out how to uninstall cause it hasn't showed up in my control panel


28 September 2014

stupid app doesn't work, waste of money, you cant play anything from your optical drive like the lying man said


10 June 2014

cannot get it to work. waste of money.


3 June 2014

This App is such a fake and isn't worth it doesn't even work good for me.


24 May 2014

Awesome App for listening music & watching Videos....Great Experience


22 May 2014

Some more features should also be added like media library and audio playlists......etc


18 May 2014

did not work


28 April 2014

this app is helpful in playing videos with dual audio which is quite interesting


22 April 2014

This is not Microsoft's official Windows Media Center for Windows 8. This is made by some other developer who is saying that it is Windows Media Center, not to mention that using the abbreviation "Win8" makes it seem unprofessional and shows that it is not made by Microsoft and that it is not Windows Media Center. If you want Windows Media Center, you must first get Windows 8.1 Pro. Support for Windows RT is not available at this time. Then you must purchase Windows Media Center through Microsoft. Please do not get this. However, if you are looking for a Metro (tiled) media playing application for Windows 8.1 or Windows RT, I highly recommend VLC Media Player For Windows 8, which is an official build of VLC Media Player for Windows 8.1 and Windows RT. It is available on the Windows Store, as you may have already assumed. However, I must warn you that VLC Media Player For Windows 8 is in beta right now, meaning that there are quite a few bugs and that there are more features to come.


16 April 2014

M$ lost a lot of respect by only offering Wmc in a 100$ upgrade

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