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    v2.2: Re-designed the app's look and color scheme to match the new site design on winbeta.org. We have also removed advertisements to make this app completely free! v2.3: Added "read this story on winbeta.org" link to each story. Clicking it will present you with the story on WinBeta.org. v3.0: Fixed notifications. Added Windows 8.1 support, including Snap support. Added Large Live tiles with images. Added Disqus comment support. Various other UI/UX tweaks and fixes. v4.0: WinBeta now has a Universal Windows 10 app. This app features Live Tiles, Notifications, and a simple interface to help you navigate through our content. This is the first version and expect more features in a subsequent build. This app features web-view, because we feel the app should compliment our website, not be a replacement to the website. Hope you enjoy it! 4.0.3: You can now log into Disqus and participate in comments within the app! Notification bug also fixed.


This is the official Universal Windows 10 app for WinBeta. Check out the latest Microsoft news on WinBeta, featuring updates on company products such as Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile, Office 365, Lumia 950, Surface Book, Surface Pro 4, and much more. We also cover all things related to Microsoft on iOS and Android.


  • Universal Windows 10 app
  • Live tile showing you the latest news on your Start Screen
  • Toast notifications alerting you when new stories are published

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15 November 2015

I changed my rating from 5 stars to one star, and it is well deserved. In the past I was notified once of new items. Now however, I get notified every 15 minutes of the latest news items. This crossed the line with me. Have the people behind WinBeta gone insane or are they just doing some pretty intense crystal meth?


24 October 2015

This app used to be great. Stay away until they fix it.


3 July 2015

I give one star for the quality of the writing; I give 5 stars for the APP itself. The APP itself is just fine...I do object, strongly, to the complete lack of editorial scrutiny of most (yes, MOST) of the articles posted; their lack of good grammar and, quite often, sentence structure makes from very brutal reading! Please vet the articles for grammar/spelling mistakes; hire a proof-reader or at least use Spell/Grammar Check on your computer. I refer you to the article from Today's issue (03 July, 2015) regarding Steve Ballmer's involvement in saving the Xbox One... the article is rife with spelling and grammatical errors!


27 June 2015

Where do I un install this app


29 April 2015

Why does this suck so much


10 March 2015

Most of the time I can't get past the opening screen. Shows WinBeta and the logo on a white background and then seems to freeze. Sometimes force closing and reopening the app a few times gets it working. Other times it never works. Going on 3 days now without being able to get past the logo screen.


2 March 2015

The app gives me an error message when I launch it. Unusable at the moment. Will update review when it is fixed. Thanks.


1 November 2014

The app works great, and the aesthetics fit in well with the Windows 8 design. However, the app only displays articles from the past three or four days, which simply doesn't go back far enough. I would say all of the articles written in the past week would be more appropriate.


5 October 2014

When running Win 10 x64 Enterprise Tech Preview, this app no longer recognizes articles that it has already notified me about. I should be notified once of a new article, but instead it keeps notifying me about the same articles every 15 to 30 minutes.


13 August 2014

Awesome app for keeping up with Microsoft news and rumors.

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