Winsta Match

Winsta Match is a casual puzzle game that uses photos from Instagram! Flip tiles to discover identical images. Rather than matching complete photos, you will be uncovering pieces of the picture. When all pieces are matched, the full photo is revealed! Lots of other functionality is available through the app bar, so check it out. Even more available after you upgrade to the full version! Search for hashtags that interest you! When you finish a picture, you can click on a new hashtag in the comment or "Next game" to play another game of the same type. You can also log into your Instagram account to use photos from your feed, or search for popular images! TRY MODE: Play for free using one of our pre-chosen tag words: puppy, kitty, food and photobomb. Trust us, photobomb is often hilarious! When you want to purchase and choose your own words or sign in with your Instagram account, select Purchase Full App. It's that easy! Please note that some of the content may be inappropriate or unexpected, since it is uploaded through the Instagram service.


  • Match game with a twist: uncover parts of a picture and watch it stitch together!
  • Neverending content through Instagram!
  • History lets you replay photos you like and delete ones you don't (by selecting the image and opening the app bar)
  • Achievements page keeps track of your wins!
  • Log into your Instagram to play your own feed!
  • Toggle between easy and hard through the app bar!
  • Follow the content you like by searching tags, or just click on a tag to start a new search!
  • Search Charm functionality!

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11 April 2013

This is a low-stress game that pulls Instagram images by tag and breaks them into matchable tiles. You play to relaxing music, which can be turned off via the app bar. The only limitation seems to be that Instagram users (among whose ranks I number) don't know how to properly tag things. :) The full app offers the ability to search by any tag, which fixes *that*. Very cute, and totally worth two bucks.