YOUR DVR IN THE CLOUD Break free of your home DVR. WinTV is a cloud DVR service that allows you to record primetime TV shows just as you might at home. WinTV downloads shows directly to your device so you can conveniently watch them anytime, anywhere in beautiful HD. You don't need to have a live WiFi or data connection to watch. RECORD SINGLE EPISODES OR ENTIRE SERIES Using the onboard TV Guide, you can select specific episodes to record or grab the entire series. WinTV records those shows to your cloud DVR. Then, when you have a data connection, WinTV automatically downloads your shows onto your device. Now your favorite episodes are ready for you, whenever you are. ANYTIME. ANYWHERE. This isn't your typical streaming service. WinTV downloads shows directly to your device so you can conveniently watch them anytime, anywhere in beautiful HD. You don't need to have a WiFi or data connection to watch. CONNECT WITH WINTV Facebook: Twitter:


  • DVR in the Cloud
  • No connection needed when viewing shows. Shows get downloaded to your device so you can watch anywhere, anytime.
  • Record single episodes or schedule series recordings for your favorite shows.
  • What's New Feature: Find the latest shows listed straight on the Start screen.
  • Gorgeous High Definition play back quality.
  • 30 Day trial

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14 February 2016

I admit I had my doubts regarding this program. But, $40 a year could not be argued. I tried it, and now it's all I watch. With one exception, I truly watch nothing but my recorded programs. If there was anything that needed to be said on the negative side, I guess I could argue sometimes it takes a couple of days to get a show downloaded. However, on the opposite side of that coin, I never get to watch the same day programs anyway. By time I catch up on one show it is now time to start catching up on the next show. Final thought, If you are paying $100.00 or more a month for TV and you can do without all the daytime shows, you would be wise to take a look at this application.


10 November 2015

my win tv app wont work. why.


22 August 2015

This app does work but... recordings are SD no option to set drive on PC where recording are installed (-) no HD recordings (-) no option to set recording location


24 July 2015

This app is dead on arrival. no TV or any action.


31 March 2015

Set the shows you want to record and forget it. The shows download to your hard drive in MP4 format and can be viewed anywhere. I use it to watch prime time shows on my phone. I no longer have to worry about transcoding videos stored on my DVR. It also makes it easy to catch up on old episodes.


25 March 2015

Works extremely well on my Win8.1 PC. I would like to have this app sync with my Droid TV TV subscription. Thank you for the development of what I view as a much needed / useful application.


16 March 2015



2 February 2015

have to login. not free, less than 1 star. need nice no nonsense point and click instant viewing app.


5 January 2015

Coming Soon and Now Playing don't update. Programs will show downloading for weeks when in reality they are completed in the download folder. Also I know for a fact new shows have aired; but Coming Soon does not show it so no way to even download. This has happened before causing me to miss/skip an episode of a couple of series and have to go back to my regular DVR to see what I missed. Has not been current with programs and airdates as of late. Fortunately I still have me regular DVR to fall back on.


29 December 2014

This is one of the only apps that DOWNLOADS the media instead of streaming it. So once you've purchased your subscription (a steal, in my opinion!) you can download as many tv episodes as your storage will allow. I can't get on a plane without my windows tablet filled with episodes of my favorite shows. What's even better - you are able to download shows that may not have even aired in the U.S. yet. I just finished watching the new season of Downton Abby on my flight yesterday. The person sitting next to me asked me how I'd gotten access to these episodes. THANKS WinTV! Full disclosure - I've been a fan of the sister app Droid TV for years. With my new Surface Pro 3, I'm thrilled that there's a Windows version. Outstanding!!!

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