WitchBoard II

Ouija Board, Ouija Board, Spirits of the Board... Wait-- It's still only an app-- Right? It has always been dark, mysterious, frightening... and now, it's back for Windows! Just concentrate on a question, touch the planchette, and watch what response the WitchBoard reveals. Try the WitchBoard today-- but whatever you do... don't set it to EVIL! Contacting the Board: Tap the planchette when it displays a '?' to start a reading. The planchette displays a 'flying witch' when a message is coming through. -Double Tap the planchette to interrupt a message -Tap the Moon for version and credit info -Tap the Sun to adjust board settings -Tap the Witches at the lower left to view this help file. -Tap the Witches at the lower right to reset the board.


  • Animated Planchette
  • User adjustable Board and App settings
  • Multiple Board Styles, Standard, X-Ray, and 'Glow in the Dark'
  • Special Effects and Entities
  • Subtle Sound Effects and Ambient Music