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    Updated interval timer to have the correct logo. Thanks for your feedback! Please email me with any comments or suggestions at casey@wodrepublic.com.

WOD Timer by WOD Republic

WOD Timer is a timer application for Crossfit-style workouts. It includes a standard timer that counts up or down, a timer that also has a rep/round counter, Tabata timer and a completely customizable interval timer! This is the first and best timer for all your WOD timing needs. NOTE: The Tabata timer in this app is the Crossfit-style Tabata where you do 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest 32 times. For more timing flexibility, check out the new completely customizable interval timer allowing you to set the work time, rest time and number of rounds. WOD Republic (http://www.wodrepublic.com) is the site for tips, tricks and techniques for improving Crossfit performance! By Crossfitters, for Crossfitters!


  • Flexible workout timer counts up or down
  • Easy sliders for quickly setting workout duration
  • Includes rep/round counter!
  • Includes Crossfit-style Tabata timer!
  • Now with fully customizable interval timer!

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14 July 2015

simply does not work


17 July 2014

Best out there and I have tried a bunch


27 May 2014

In my workouts I don't rest in between exercise so I don't really use the rest timer. It needs just two more added features on the interval timer, a "prepare timer" and a "sets counter". It has a round counter which is nice but I also would want a set counter. When I'm done with all my rounds(usually just 4 rounds) that would count as 1 set, I usually do 3-4 sets for my workouts. I would also like a prepare timer to prepare in between sets. Just those two things would make this app perfect!


29 June 2013

Work keeps going past 20 seconds on Tabata Timer, rep counter timer's sliders are too small to use without a mouse (i'm having trouble sitting at home playing with this thing), and it's hard to see the slider controls against that background...off I go to search for a timer that's less cluttered and has more conveniently sized controls, and functions that do what they say they can do =-\


25 April 2013

Just downloaded the app and cannot adjust the work and rest in Tabata Timer mode. will be uninstalling and looking elsewhere.


17 March 2013

Please add more options for sounds and background. The 3 2 1 countdown is kinda weak what happens to the traditional beeps, or other cool options.


12 November 2012

It's a great start and it's currently the only WOD app in the store. If the feature list continues to grow, I'd pay for the app. iOS's myWOD would be a good feature reference. Thanks for supporting Win8 CrossFitters!


8 November 2012

Biggest issue is that it isn't accurate. Timed against two other timers and in a 20 min test was 30+ seconds off. Slider interface is difficult to adjust as well. Please go back to the drawing board.


4 November 2012

Like the look and feel of this app but the lack of ability to adjust the tabata timer is a big negative for me.


31 October 2012

This timer app looks great and is very easy to use. The sliders make setting the workout time quick and easy

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