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    We are happy to announce our new feature - cycle auto calculations. Once you have recorded two months worth of data you can choose to use our algorithm for calculating more precisely your next periods. This could be especially useful if you have irregular period. Second, MeLady has now notifications for every major aspect of your cycle - just check the settings. Lastly, we fixed a password related bug.


Woman’s cycle with all its emotional and physical changes can be so complicated. At least you can be better prepared with the help of your personal assistant - MeLady. MeLady is your easy and safe way to follow your monthly period, but not only. Your menstrual diaries include important information about dates of period, ovulation and fertility. This way it helps you organize the time you are not on your period and supports you by your natural family planning. By using the available options you can also track all your emotional and physical symptoms like daily moods, body temperature, weight etc. - especially when a premenstrual syndrome (PMS) occurs. Colorful charts and statistics summarize your data and make you feel more organized and self-confident expecting your next cycle. We hope you will enjoy our MeLady and find it useful. Your opinion is really important for us, so please contact us at support@coolapps.bg or share your feedback in the review section. Thank you in advance!


  • Adjustable period and cycle length used for predictions and not just 28/5
  • Password protection
  • Daily Horoscope
  • Option to store your data in the cloud
  • Sync your data across each of your devices
  • Themes available
  • Future period dates, ovulation and fertile days calculation
  • Track 26 moods and 25 symptoms plus the ability to add custom symptoms
  • Enter notes, track temperature and weight
  • Easy to use
  • Charts and statistics
  • Pill reminder
  • Share your records via email
  • Discreet name and tile icon
  • Live tile

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10 June 2016

I Like It


27 March 2016

I am in love with this app! It has just about everything a girl could want, but it won't let me sign in with my Microsoft account so I can have all my information saved incase my computer broke. I also can't find the support page to help me with it. If I was able to sign in and have all my information saved I would rate it 5 stars. ( Really it would deserve 10 stars ) Thank you MeLady for being and awesome application.


15 March 2016

I use this to track my wife's cycle so I know when she needs me to be extra supportive. After feeding in a couple of months of data the program took over predictions and was generally pretty accurate. The only down side is that if prediction is off it is not entirely clear how to adjust the prediction back to actual. It would be nice to see a summary of the parameters being used for the prediction and to know if they update as you input additional actual data.


7 December 2015

It's accurate, easy to use, & purple ! Only bad thing is that the tile doesn't keep good track of the cycle.


3 December 2015

Really cool app, though I wish there was a way to change your options after downloading the app. I had to uninstall the program to change my between period length when i got on BC. Still a great app!


3 November 2015

Have had this app for years and never a complaint for me. Very exceptional and complete workings and making of this one. A must have!!!


20 October 2015

I tried changing my period date but it wouldn't work.


9 October 2015

By far the best of its kind. Easy to use and so helpful! The notifications are brilliant, too.


8 October 2015

It's good enough for writing in your own symptoms and keeping track, but the calendar is glitchy and doesn't adapt well to unpredictable periods, also the syncing option from computer to phone to tablet will sometimes erase months worth of information.


26 September 2015

all and all a good app just wish it had more to it(emoji's, symptoms ect.)

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