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World Statistics

How many people are living on the earth? How long can we use the oil? How much water are we consuming? Interesting questions...this app gives the answers. With statistics of several international organizations, the app calculates actual trends of the provided data (population, environment, energy, water, food)


  • see actual, interesting statistics/facts of the world
  • self-reloading values, as a counter

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27 June 2015

While the statistics on this app are sure to depress any person, they are WORLD STATISTICS, which is exactly what the app advertised. However, I agree with other reviewers in that this app would be more useful and informative if it had a wider range of types of statistics.


8 January 2015

This app would be great if it was updated. The information was just placed, perhaps several years ago and then has not been updated. For example, if you checked it out today, it would say that we have had 125 million births this year, when in fact we have only had about 3 million so far in 2015. As for the oil, yes it is true that it appears we have ran out of oil. Of course, this isn't the case, and I don't think it is a political agenda either. As a graduate student in natural resources management, I am pretty sure the data was quite accurate at the time of input. But new technologies as well as major oil finds, have increased our total amount of available oil on Earth. And natural resource scientists and geologists do have amazing ways for estimating oil and coal reserves, and the technology is getting better. Whatever your political agenda is, oil and coal are finite resources, whether you like it or not.


14 November 2014

this is not statistics this is estimates and they can not possibly know how much oil or gas or coal is left on earth unless all of it has been discovered. to say the least this is inaccurate


29 October 2013

Very neat. In metro style. Smooth and simple. Will need references/links to references via tiles. How about US debt, poverty etc.


24 October 2013

I would like to know where the information is coming from. It seems we only have about three years of oil left. If that is true, I would hope the government would let us know, or perhaps have a plan in action. Really just putting out numbers with no stats behind them is very misleading.


13 July 2013

I really want to download this app and it get half way through the download and it gives me an error. I've tried several times (even restarting my laptop to download it)... I'll change my review once I'm able to download the app... IF that'll ever be possible... guess we'll see...


5 July 2013

Not much chrome, follows MDL, puts content first, has some content. It could be better. It could allow sharing, support pinch to zoom so you could go to categories, and be a bit more creative


26 June 2013

I thought this would be useful stats, instead it wound up being one of those green eco apps, counting down barrels of oil and CO2 emissions. Very sneaky, and the count downs seem ridiculous. Very deceptive, this wasn't an app it was a political agenda.


17 June 2013

Cool facts, nice interface. Makes you think about how we are doing as the human race.


16 June 2013

May be useful for research purposes at schools and research/scientific centers all over the world.

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