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Wp Ringtone Maker

Wp Ringtone Maker helps you make your own Ringtone with your .mp3 files for your Windows Phone Devices and Android Phone Devices. When you come into a song and you want to make into your own ringtone begins at the exact position, this app can make that happen easily. Due to the limitation of Windows Phone 7.* OS, you can't make a mp3 file your ringtone unless it's within 39 seconds and not larger than 1 MB and genre of "Ringtone". However, this app can help you manipulate this limitation and enjoy making your own Ringtone file for your Windows Phone Devic


  • ringtone maker for Windows Phone and Android Phone
  • mp3 file cutter

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4 May 2015

Won't find any music on my PC. I want my money back.


22 April 2015

This app never generates the ringtone. I am able to edit my file, and play the ringtone, but when I select Generate Ringtone nothing happens. There is no WP Ringtone folder created anywhere on my computer or cloud.


21 February 2015

When I tested the app, I made two long ring tones that worked fine. It seemed pretty easy and straight forward... Then I bought the app. I tried to make some shorter ring tones and the timing for the punch-in start and punch-out end in the app are about 4 seconds ahead of the actual start and end times of the ring tone that's generated. I can work with this, but this app needs to be improved so you can make a 14 second ring tone that doesn't have an unexpected time offset. When I punch in the start time, I expect that to be the start of the ring tone. Same with the end. I didn't have any errors pop up, just the timing offset. So now, if I want to make a short ring tone for text alerts, etc... I'm running this on an i7-3930k workstation. This has all of the processing power necessary for much more elaborate audio programs, so it's not like I'm using this on a $200 laptop (on which it should also work as expected).


2 February 2015

whenever i choose a file it crashes. this app is not recommended by me.


29 January 2014

it sucks


4 April 2013

This is a pretty straight forward app that works very well. I'm unsure what the paid version gets you that the free version doesn't, but free works great with no distractions.


27 March 2013

This app works well! Simple, easy to use, and fast. They removed the warning for limits! Nice.. This app now gets a 5 star. it is perfect for what you use it for! If you are looking for a full fledged editor, this isn't it, but if you want to just cut your ringtones so they start and stop where you want them to it is perfect. Good job Guys, One of the few apps out there that works as advertised with no problems at all on any of my systems.


18 February 2013

This app is a joke it doesn't work. Every time I go to open a song it says the file doesn't exist and I know for a fact its there. I wouldn't buy this app. If I could rate it with no stars I would


25 December 2012

It crashes every time it tires to import a song :(


12 December 2012

This app is so easy to use. It shows you the correct length of the ringtone that you want to create. Once you do that you press a button then your ringtone is created. Excellent APP!!