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    What's new: - Fixed a bug while saving and opening files using shortcuts. - Fixed minor bugs.


Write is a text editor focused on writing. No distractions. Open it and just Write. Features: - Clean unobtrusive interface - Simple use What's new: - Fixed a bug while saving and opening files using shortcuts. - Fixed minor bugs. Coming Up: - Markup language support - Printing support

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10 April 2016

Wrote half of an essay with this program and it deleted it the next day, not worth anyone's time


17 March 2016

Yes, you can write whatever you like, as long as you don't want to do anything with what you have written. No formatting, no fonts, no PRINTING. Yes you can save your work but why bother? The only thing you can do is copy what you have written and paste it somewhere that you can do something with it. They have been saying for a year or more that printing is on it's way. BUNK.


18 September 2015

I thought I'd found an app that finally spoke to my needs as a writer, however, you can't save your work or open a new file for new projects. What gives?


16 August 2015

Perfect way to simply buckle down and start writing. Just wish it auto-saved.


27 July 2015

able to add bold and italic copying it from openoffice when I opened it later it was all default like this (word) (1) those were centered when I saved it and no bold or italic


11 July 2015

The app worked fine until I started losing all of my files. I clicked save a thousand times, and then I would go to open a file later, and it was gone. I cannot find a way to recover them. I understand the point of having a simple writing app, but I do wish it had italics and bold fonts, and the tab button worked. Don't bother with this app.


3 April 2015

I LOVE this app, but its kind of hard to scroll up add down. Anytime I've written something long, I dread the time when I finish because I know I will ALWAYS look back to what I wrote. Which means I have to struggle to scroll up and down. It's really a pain to do that every time I write, so it would be nice if you could PLEASE ADD A SCROLLBAR. A scrollbar would be very beneficial for this app, and that would make me install this again.


24 February 2015

I was witting a song I was almost finished with it I obviously saved it... but when I opened this piece of shot, everything was GONE!!! Now I'm ducking passed...


24 January 2015

This has a big problem with eating up everything I write every so often. AKA: it crashes and doesn't persist the text. I love it when it works!


16 January 2015

I enjoy the minimalist look of this app, but even though I saved a 1,000 times, I somehow lost 75% of my book. My computer restarted this morning and when I opened it up, almost all of my book was missing. Do not trust it with long term projects.

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