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Open your XLSX Files now. Microsoft Excel Open XML Spreadsheet. This file format was created by Microsoft. Spreadsheet created with Microsoft Excel, a program used to create spreadsheets; stores data in worksheets, which contain cells arranged in a grid of rows and columns; may also contain charts, mathematical functions, styles, and formatting; commonly used to store financial data and to create simple or complex mathematical models. Each cell in an XLSX spreadsheet may be formatted individually. For example, cells may have a number, text, currency, or other format as well as color, border style, custom font, and size. Cells may reference other cells to compute a resulting value. XLSX files are created using the Open XML standard, which was introduced in Microsoft Office 2007. Open your XLSX Files with this XLSX File Opener Software.


  • Open and View XLSX Files.

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7 February 2016

badly bad


16 December 2015

seems to work ok. Haven't had any concerns


1 December 2015

muy buena app