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    Version 3.5 - Fixed a bug causing videos to no longer load Version 3.1 - Bug fixes Version 3.0 - You can now fully login into your YouTube account - You can now play your private playlists - You can add videos to your playlists directly from the application Version 2.5 - Bug fixes - Added German version Version 2.4 - Bug fixes - Performance improvements Version 2.3 - Added Italian version Version 2.2 - Bug fixes Version 2.1 - You can now search single videos - You can now stream your videos to an Xbox or to a DLNA-enabled TV using PlayTo (from the "Devices" charm) - Bug fixes Version 2.0 - Improved shuffle mode - Search now automatically opens when you start typing - You can now use the share charm to share a link to the video currently playing - Added translations in French - Added support for downloading YouTube videos locally - Improved animations aesthetics - Improved loading performance of the list of playlists - Channels now have a "Uploads" playlists with all the recent uploads by that channel Version 1.1 - Added links on the main page to edit playlists and channels - Fixed a crash issue reported by a few users

YouTube DJ

YouTube DJ lets you play videos from your YouTube playlists and favorites. It can play music while the application is in the background, and can be controlled from the media keys on your keyboard. YouTube DJ will also block the ads from YouTube for the best experience! Why pay for a music streaming service like Pandora, Spotify or Xbox Music when all the music you need is available on YouTube for free? Edit or create playlists directly from the YouTube website, then play them from YouTube DJ. YouTube DJ will take your YouTube username and show you all your playlists, favorites and channel subscriptions. Tap a playlist to start playing, and let it play either in the foreground to watch the video, or in the background to keep using your computer while you listen to music. YouTube DJ will show you information about the current track in the Windows 8 volume control popup, and will also let you pause or skip to next track. Search any playlist on YouTube directly from the Windows 8 search. You can pin any playlist to your start screen, and start playing it with a single click. Use the settings charm to configure your preferred bitrate, from Standard Quality to 1080p High Definition. YouTube DJ is completely free, and contains no advertising!


  • Play videos from your YouTube playlists, favorites, and channel subscriptions
  • No YouTube ads
  • Download YouTube videos directly to your PC or tablet
  • Control playback at any time with the media keys on your keyboard or your tablet (play, pause, next track, etc...) and the Windows 8 volume control popup
  • Search any playlist or video on YouTube
  • Listen to music while the application is in the background
  • Pin your favorite playlists to the start screen for a one-click access
  • Stream videos to an Xbox or to any DLNA-enabled TV using PlayTo in the Devices charm
  • Add videos to your playlists directly from the application
  • Share a video using the Windows "Share" charm
  • Free and no ads!
  • Shuffle mode
  • Play videos in High Definition (720p, 1080p) with full hardware acceleration
  • Fullscreen mode
  • Snapped mode to keep an eye on the video while you use other apps
  • Select your preferred bitrate in the settings
  • See at any time information about the current track playing from the Windows 8 volume control popup
  • Access directly the browser version of YouTube to read comments, likes and see related videos
  • Fast and fluid interface compared to the YouTube website

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25 October 2014



5 July 2014

When YouTube DJ works, it works marvelously, wonderfully well. There is no crashing, videos properly play in the background and all is well in the world. Even when things do go wrong the app provides useful error messages that clearly and concisely alert you to the issue. What is the problem then? Well it seems that YouTube DJ has issues with video format support. A large number of the videos I try to play just fail. There is no workaround for this issue, and unlike on YouTube, a playlist will not just skip to the next working video. You have to do that yourself.


31 March 2014

Totally awesome app, faster better than you tube itself.


28 March 2014

This app has a great concept. It's description is everything I ever dreamed about. I was actually giddy when I saw this app in the Microsoft store. When I opened it all of my YouTube subscription's were their along with my playlists and favorite music video's. It said I could watch them in 720 or 1080 HD and even download it. I was on cloud 9. But then I tried to play a video. Nothing try again. Nope, well maybe another video. Nope. I only got 1 video to play. Well maybe download works. Not even. This app stole my innocence.


30 January 2014

I love this app, and I think it can be even better. What if, in the settings, there was an option to have it automatically skip videos after a set number of failed attempts to play them.


2 January 2014

Very Holy and great!


28 December 2013

I was so frustrated with my new win 8 tablet because the YouTube app wouldn't playlist. It said I needed to download new flashplayer. I did EVERYTHING step by step from updating windows and installing google chrome and you name it. I read reviews in the windows app store and everyone is frustrated with the red bar on the YouTube app. BUT THEN I FOUND YOUR APP - and waalah!! You solved all the issues! Thank you! This is better than the YouTube app. Full screen means full screen and no flashplayer video issues & upgrades. Very smooth download and easy to navigate. I'm stoked!


6 December 2013

I need this gone


13 November 2013

All the scrolling really makes it useless to look through my subscriptions. Instead it's probably just best for looking through your own relatively short list of plalylists. It'd be nice to have a different way of viewing all the videos than how they list them.


10 November 2013

Great App.. my kid loves to watch her playlists on this app as its add free and streams videos without issues.

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