Youtube MP3 / MP4 Downloader for Windows 8 and 8.1

Youtube MP3 / MP4 Downloader

You already have app for download youtube video and you are searching for a one for download MP3. With Youtube MP3 /MP4 Downloader you will be able to download both MP4 and MP3 from Youtube. It is also allow you to download multiple files at the same time and in background. Enjoy the app and share your experience with some friends.


  • Search and download videos from youtube in MP4 and extract as MP3 file. Support multithreading download
  • High quality videos and audio.Contains mediaplayer to play both MP3 and MP4 offline.

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11 June 2015

ads interfere with fuctionality


20 April 2015

ad all over page


16 April 2015

Don`t have much education and don`t know much about computers but getting this app to work is really too much. Bought two apps and can not get these to work, which is my fault. Do not understand linking YouTube to Google, I believe things should be much easier and not so many questions.