Zapi Snake

This application is a simple clone of the popular Nokia Snake game. You just have to navigate your way around the play area trying to collect as many unfilled squares as you can. You can use the keyboard or the touch controls on the screen to play this game. You can set the speed of the game as well as the colour of the Snake. If you crash into the boundaries of the play area or if the Snake runs into itself, the game will end and will be refreshed.


  • Clone of classic Snake game
  • Choose Snake colour
  • Choose Snake spped

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15 November 2013

simple approach to the classing snake with decent graphics. Needs lots of improvements though. 1. There should be some way to start the game via keyboard. Or, the "Start" button should be near the on screen controls. 2. The black background does not allow the game area/border to be visible. Either change the border style or the background. 3. The speed levels should be automatic, as in the original snake. 4. Color of the snake is a nice option. Custom colour picker though, maybe? 5. Save the scores. Even if just offline and local. Keep a scoreboard. Lastly, please make use of the new apps division scheme in Windows 8.1 and allow the game to run in 50% or less.