Zinio is for people who love magazines. Choose from over 5,000 titles from around the world, including The Economist, New Scientist, Esquire, Rolling Stone, Maxim, National Geographic, Vogue, Elle and countless others. New and improved for Windows 8.1, the app now features pinch-to-zoom, snap view support, improved download/archive management and enhanced performance.


  • Read – view magazines in full color and high resolution, pinch to zoom in/out, swipe to turn pages, and switch between portrait & landscape view.
  • Shop – purchase subscriptions & single issues, discover special offers, and visit international stores.
  • Explore – discover and enjoy a selection of free articles from our most popular titles.
  • Library – download magazines for off-line access and manage your magazines using filters & archiving.
  • Table Of Contents – skip to articles directly from the table of contents.
  • Bookmarks – bookmark your favorite articles for instant access.
  • Auto-Download – automatically download your latest issues and delete old ones.
  • Text-View – switch to text view (where supported) for easy reading.
  • Live Tile – add Zinio to Start to see the latest articles and when your new issues have arrived.
  • Pin To Start – pin your favorite magazines to Start to allow instant access.
  • Other Platforms – magazines bought on Zinio can be read across other device platforms, see www.zinio.com for more information.

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11 December 2015

When I click on my magazine to open it I get the message "Adobe Flash has crashed" that's it no help, nothing else. How am I supposed to fix this??? Searching your "un"-knowledgebase on "flash crash", "adobe flash" or "crash" produces no results!!!


28 November 2015

Efficiently and effectively for us in prior incarnations. Ease of use features encouraged multiple projects. Looking forward to any new modalities.


20 November 2015

Heeeeeeeeellllllllllooooooooooooo! Was an Epic Awesome APP and you've left everyone behind in your trail of dust SINCE your last update! HEELLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOO??!!?? APP IS SITTING IN ATTIC WAITING FOR UPDATES ... DOESN'T WORK ANYMORE! ~~~~~~~~~~~ Original Review ~~~~~~~~~~ Gr8 App! Fast, sleek and smooth!


29 October 2015

Zinio has managed to take a mediocre program to new lows. The latest version absolutely sucks. Can't get to most of my magazines and is totally non-intuitive. I've used this service for years and now I'm totally done with it despite the massive investment in magazines that can only be read on their program.


19 September 2015

I was forced to read PC World via digital app. This is the one the publisher used. worked for a short while. I started it on an old Kindle, all of a sudden they up graded to enhanced version, no longer works on the Kindle, CPU wrong version. Was forced to go to Android (had to spend over $200 on new device). Worked for under 1 month then an up grade (9/15/15) occurred, now no longer can use the app. Looking at reviews many other have the same problem. Support said (9/18/15) there was a fix, installed it and still does not work. Then went to my Win 8.1 machine and installed, there it will not even get to sign on screen. Wish I could read it with another tool.


17 August 2015

The Windows 8 version of the Zinio ap is archaically designed as it requires an active WIFI connection to allow access to magazines and publications I previously downloaded. I don't have this problem with my Android devices and friends don't have this problem with iOS devices. Per the zinio help page regarding download and viewing using the Win 8 ap, "If you know you will not have an internet connection please ensure you don’t sign out of the Zinio Win8 App as you need an internet connection to sign in and read your downloaded publications." This means I have to keep the computer running for days! Constant wifi is needed I refer to older articles and sometimes re-read articles. I purchased these magazines and have the right to do this; When and where I want to read the articles! Note that there is only "live chat" and email customer support. Nowhere does zinio offer a phone number for support or to escalate a problem. zinio does a good job to insulate itself from it's customers.


6 August 2015

Very unpleasant to use on a 1920x1080 screen as the print is blury due to low resolution of the magazines. I have to zoom in on every page to read text.


23 July 2015

The lack of ability to zoom, and to download for offline reading, has made this app nearly worthless for me.


8 July 2015

I can't create a new signon account, 'there is a system failure'. This is so sad when Microsoft rushes to fill the app store with such poor quality apps.


13 June 2015

I've seen this app in action on friend's iPads so thought it would be a great addition to the apps on my Windows. There is no way to zoom in and out to make it easier to read on the desktop app and movements between pages and magazines is just not fluid. I would have loved to like this app more but I just can't and won't. I'll definitely be looking for an alternative app and if one does not exist. But be sure I'll abandon this app all together.

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