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  • Category: Games / Puzzle
  • Published by: 7 Dragons ?
  • Size: 299 MB
  • Supported processors: x64, x86, ARM
  • Language: English (United States)
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    Fixed Purchase button in App - making it possible to Purchase Full Version from within App. If you have already purchased the App, then there's no need to update. If Purchase button doesn't work for you in App, please purchase from Store Page for the App - http://apps.microsoft.com/windows/app/3-hidden-objects-adventures/f006cb3f-d149-4353-8785-cb57130e6e04 . You can also search for 'Hidden Objects' to find the App's product page.

3 Hidden Objects Adventures

Launch Sale - $1.49 (70% Off - Down from $5). Get It Now! 3 Hidden Objects Adventures gives you 3 beautiful, fun Hidden Object games with 158 total scenes and 2,392 hidden objects to find. Rated 4.5 stars on 198 reviews in B&N's Nook (TM) App Store. Hit #12 overall in that store. 124 5-star reviews. Hit #57 overall in Kindle Fire (TM) App Store. Rated 4 stars in that store. 29 5-star reviews. Please Note: 3 Hidden Objects Adventures is recommended for devices with 10" screens to 21" screens and resolutions of 1366 by 768 to 1920 by 1080. For all other devices, please download the trial first to see if you will enjoy the game. Please Note: The App takes up 285 MB of space. ******* 3 Hidden Objects Adventures 3 Hidden Object Games for you to enjoy with 158 Scenes and a whopping 2,392 Hidden Objects to find. It's a fun, challenging, satisfying Hidden Objects experience. 1) Beautiful, realistic scenes + Carefully constructed Stories + Music composed for the Stories = A Satisfying and Immersive Experience. 2) Choose 'Scenes & Story' Mode for the Full Experience. Choose 'Scenes Only' Mode if you want only the Hidden Objects Scenes and not the story. 3) Zoom Feature that lets you take a closer look. Touchscreen Devices: Just pinch your fingers apart to zoom in or pinch them together to zoom out. PCs: Use Ctrl+MouseScroll to zoom in or out. 4) You can turn music on or off. You can turn game sounds on or off. You can turn on Infinite Hints. 5) Can you win 3 Stars on every Scene? Can you win 3 Stars for each Adventure? Finish a Scene within 2 minutes, and without using any stars, to win 3 Stars. Win 3 Stars on every Scene to get 3 Stars for the Entire Adventure. 6) Want Replayability? Play '5 Items per Scene' mode which randomly selects 5 Items per scene. Want the Full Experience? Play '15 Items per Scene' mode. ******* The Three Adventures 3 Hidden Objects Adventures brings you 3 games in one. There are three separate fun, engrossing Hidden Objects Games. 1) After the Apocalypse - World War III has happened. Things are worse than you ever imagined. You head out from Boston Enclave to find your family in Texas. Find hidden objects you need to protect yourself and to complete your journey. 2) Lost at the Zoo - Adventurous twins get lost at the Zoo. Their worried father has to find them. A great way to learn about various zoo animals with lots of hidden objects and animals to find. 2) The Secret Forest - Your son disappears and you find a path to a Secret Forest in your Attic. Find hidden objects that help you journey across the magical Secret Forest and reach your son. Can you rescue your son? ******* Made with Care and Love All three adventures are carefully constructed. We spent thousands of hours choosing the best images, choosing the best items for each scene (items that made sense in the context of the story), hiding items carefully, balancing the difficulty (please download the trial to confirm the difficulty is right for you), and making sure the story runs smoothly. We added features to give you flexibility in how you can play and to maximize your enjoyment. We hope you like 3 Hidden Objects Adventures. You can always send us your suggestions and feedback at booksummit@ymail.com. ******* What Devices 3 Hidden Objects Adventures is Meant For 1) Tested thoroughly and works great on - Windows 8 PCs with screens between 11" and 21". Tested on x64 but should work for x86 too. Windows 8 Laptops with screens between 11" and 20". Both x64 and x86. Surface Pro. Surface RT. Windows 8 PC with 23.6". However, game difficulty is Easy with a very large screen. Please download the Free Trial and confirm you will enjoy the game. 2) Works on ARM, x86, x64. 3) Not recommended for screens below 10" and for screen resolutions below 1366 by 768. For screens above 21" please download the trial and confirm you still enjoy the game. The larger the screen, the easier the game becomes. ******* A Few Important Things 1) If you like the App, Please Review It! Actual user reviews lead to good sales, and those allow us to release more Hidden Objects Games in future. 2) If you don't like something, please Email Us at booksummit@ymail.com. Please let us know what you don't like before leaving a bad review. This gives us a chance to address your concerns. 3) If your device is not one of the devices listed in the 'Tested Devices' list above, then please try the Free Trial FIRST. The Free Trial lets you play 9 scenes per story and get an idea of whether you'll like the games or not. 4) On Windows RT Tablets, for the best performance, please ensure there is no other App that is taking up 60% or more of the Memory and CPU. ******* Privacy & Contact Information 1) Privacy Policy - http://kappreview.com/app-privacy-policy/privacy-policy-for-3-hidden-objects-adventures/ 2) Email us anytime at booksummit@ymail.com. 3) Help Website - http://kappreview.com/app-privacy-policy/help-for-3-hidden-objects-adventures/ ******* Get it Now for the Special Launch Price of $1.49 (70% Discount) 3 Hidden Objects Adventures gives you 3 Hidden Objects Games in 1. With beautiful graphics, enjoyable music, and engrossing stories it will provide you a fun, satisfying Hidden Objects Experience. Get it Now for the Special Sale price of $1.49!


  • 3 Beautiful, Fun Hidden Objects Games in 1 App
  • Zoom on Touchscreens (Pinch) and PCs (CTRL+Mouse Scroll)
  • Infinite Hints Option
  • Supports ARM, x64, x86
  • Tested on x64 and x86 PCs, Surface Pro, Surface RT
  • Recommended for 10" screens (1366 by 768) to 21" screens (1920 by 1080). For rest - please download Free Trial first to confirm you enjoy the game
  • Choose '5 Item Mode' for replayability or '15 Items' Mode for the Full Experience
  • Choose 'Story & Scenes' Mode or choose 'Scenes Only' Mode
  • Beautiful Music composed for the stories
  • Beautiful Scenes with realistic items carefully hidden
  • Engrossing Stories that tie the scenes and items together logically
  • 158 Scenes with 2,382 Hidden Objects to find
  • Fun and challenging

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10 July 2016

like the app but took a long time too down load it and the seak and find could be brighter dark not good for the eyes


29 June 2016

Very cool app.


31 May 2016

love the game


28 May 2016

still playing and like the all the challenges, Would recommend it for all who like the search.


20 May 2016

Good game. Quick and fun


23 March 2016

I love it a good games


14 March 2016

...The freakin scenes have nothing to do with the categories they're in! Day At The Zoo? A little kid sitting under a XMas tree??? W-T-F


3 March 2016

Liked the app. Pictures were good.


25 February 2016

The best hidden objects game I have played yet! Thank you for your work. I hope more will come.


18 February 2016

Awesome game. Very challenging and well done!

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