3D Jungle Run

The brand new running game, 3D Jungle Runner, hits on its dynamite debut on your Smart Phone!Life is short but running makes it seem longer! but in 3D format life become full of excitement. Advanced 3D technology is used in order to offer more immersive and visually stunning game experience. 3D Jungle Runner is an excellent and entertaining running game with Run, jump, roll, dash and slide over and around tons of different and WACKY obstacles which gives you a complete new visual challenge in this endless running game! Once start the game, you'll start your adventure running life and can't stop. Forget the temple, street, cave, ninja or zombie run, feel the experience of this 3D running game for Jungle survival. During the game you have keep clear of unexpected difficulties and obstacles in the jungle, while defending yourself and running away from crowd of hurdles. This makes the game very challenging and great fun to play Jungle fighter. You will be a little baby in this game with exciting power ups. This game provide you the easy control and operation help you dive into the fun world. Captivating music and Smooth touch-based control enhance the entertainment and makes this forest runner more enjoyable. Running is a mental sportand we're all insane! So get ready for the crazy run of your life! Enjoy this exciting run for survival, fast-paced 3D Jungle run game featuring an incredibly cute and cuddly boy. Share and discuss the game experience with your friends and family.


  • 3D graphics with amusing style, you can play it with the first-person view.
  • The never-ending mega game.
  • Change in location - Travel the Jungle with awesome 3D graphics experience.
  • Multiple Power Ups : That you can't mess with it.
  • Easy pick up and play game play.
  • Stunning visualization and silky smooth 3D animation.
  • Simple and fun game mechanics.
  • Special and funny game sound.

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28 May 2016

that was not good never get this game ever


17 May 2016

no comment


19 April 2016

best game but the man are less and unlocked


3 March 2016

The reason you can't download subway surfers is because you have a windows tablet you can only download windows games you need a android to download it


2 September 2015

Very entertaining


23 May 2015

Very very bad game


1 April 2015



20 February 2015

It has good graphics and it's basically Temple Run but you don't lean so its kinda like minion rush. But its REALLY SLOW! I mean it loads fast but the characters basically power walk. It's okay on a touch screen but I'm deleting it. I would try it but don't expect much.


17 December 2014

I think its a good game like temple run


5 December 2014

very interesting game

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