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    In the latest release, you can compare your score with Windows 8 tablets in the Device Channel. People rely on Futuremark benchmarks to produce accurate and unbiased results. Devices with suspicious benchmarks scores have been delisted from the Device Channel. You should not use scores from delisted devices to compare devices.


Benchmark your Windows tablet or mobile device with 3DMark, the world's most popular performance test. *** This version of 3DMark is designed for touchscreen tablets and other mobile devices. If you have a notebook, laptop or desktop PC running Windows 8, we recommend using the desktop version of 3DMark available from http://www.futuremark.com/3dmark *** Use 3DMark to test the gaming performance of your mobile device, then see how it compares with other models. You can even compare your benchmark test scores with smartphones and tablets running Android, iOS or Windows. 3DMark is used by millions of people, hundreds of hardware review sites and many of the world's leading technology companies. It's the industry standard benchmark for graphics performance measurement, a professional level diagnostic tool now available to everyone for free! Use 3DMark Ice Storm for device-to-device comparisons of mainstream mobile devices. Ice Storm is an DirectX 11 feature level 9 benchmark test that uses fixed off-screen rendering at 720p then scales the output to fit the native display resolution of your device. Ice Storm includes two graphics tests designed to stress the GPU performance of your device and a physics test to stress its CPU performance. Use 3DMark Ice Storm Extreme for device-to-device comparisons of high performance mobile devices. Ice Storm Extreme raises the off-screen rendering resolution to 1080p and uses higher quality textures and post-processing effects in the graphics tests to create a more demanding load for the latest smartphones and tablets. Use 3DMark Ice Storm Unlimited for chip-to-chip comparisons of the hardware inside your device without vertical sync, display resolution scaling and other operating system factors affecting the result. In Unlimited mode the rendering engine uses a fixed time step between frames and renders exactly the same frames in every run on every device. The frames are rendered in 720p resolution "offscreen" while the display is updated with small frame thumbnails every 100 frames to show progress. Technical guide to 3DMark benchmark tests: http://www.futuremark.com/downloads/3DMark_Technical_Guide.pdf This app is for non-commercial use only: - Business users should contact sales@futuremark.com for licensing. - Members of the press please contact press@futuremark.com.


  • The world's most popular benchmark test, now available on Windows RT.
  • Compare the fastest Windows RT, Windows, iOS, and Android devices.
  • Easy to use, no technical know-how needed.
  • 100% free. No ads. No restrictions.

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29 November 2014

don't waste your time


23 October 2014

I'm so happy, thank you Jesus!!


16 October 2014

This app has become very buggy. Freezes and crashes, especially after seeing the device list. Please fix.


25 September 2014

Very inaccurate and freezes your pc not matter what you do. Don't download.


14 May 2014

Great app, does everything it says and clearly is just as solid on PC, Android, and IOS for fair results


18 February 2014

awesome gaming experiences


3 February 2014

Great starting benchmark for testing electronics today Only thing I wish was that it had a loop function


28 December 2013

Love how simple yet powerful way to test how your PC stands graphically.


29 November 2013

懇求 Windows Phone 版本


17 November 2013

Test runs smoothly, but how windows 8 users will be doing to compare their devices? The app has no way to upload the latest results to its online directory, to note that the specs are not complete and there is not a single means by which you can edit these, or easily compare your device with others. Most devices are mobile and the database lacks a lot of laptop reviews, then of what use is it to compare the results to mobile phones only.

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