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8tracks provides the best music for any taste, time & place. Need a playlist for the weekend, working out or making out? Do you like deep house or dubstep, indie rock or classic rock, jazz or punk? We’ve got it all in droves -- you can pick from more than 1 million fresh, free playlists, each curated by someone who knows and loves music. Enjoy millions of songs uploaded and curated by people ‘round the world. What’s different from other internet radio & music apps? - Free - No audio ads - Less repetition - Music in every genre, for any mood or activity - Unmatched music discovery - Talented, passionate DJs “behind the music” - YouTube & SoundCloud integration Join 8tracks’ global community of more than 8 million monthly listeners. Tune in for free today.


  • Remember and resume your favorite mixes and tracks across all of your devices
  • Pin your favorite mixes to the start screen for quick access
  • Follow your favorite DJs and keep up to date on their latest creations

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21 July 2016

I use devices from android, apple and Microsoft and therefore apps from each. I'm always in search of a great music mixer as I have very eclectic tastes that often settle into very tight niches of Appalachian folk to certain neo folk strains at times. This is a hard to satisfy little niche if you know what I'm speaking of. Only the best and most complete music app can preforms well in this area. If I had a third hand this would be a three thumbs up app. Get this app and get to enjoying.


24 June 2016

Just not for me. Butt still recommended.


5 February 2016

I use the official 8tracks app on my android phone but I grew to love more this version on both windows tablet and PC! It also works flawlessly 😊 Great job devs!


25 December 2015

Love the app a lot! 😍


18 August 2015

This app has helped me discover many new amazing songs. It's fun and easy to find music to suit your occasion, emotion and so on. But there is one thing...I can't listen to the songs again. I favorite them but I can't listen to them after that. But I will keep using the app to discover new songs then add them to my computer.


18 July 2015

Add a login from google+ please. I'd 'like to access my stuff not create a new account or use Facebook.


26 June 2015

all im trying to do is listen to some music, but it wont let me. it wont connect to the internet at all. it works for a while then it stops completely. nothing is working other than uninstalling it and reinstalling it. please do something about this. it the only app that doesn't spam me with adds like Pandora.


20 June 2015

So I use the browser version of this app frequently and this app is well-designed in contrast to the website. I like how it flows from different pages and how the content is organized, it fits 8tracks theme. However, as much as I enjoy using this app, I would really like to see my full profile page and collections besides my Liked playlists. Besides the lack of collections and profile pages, it is a nice app for music and my preferred for any music online due to it's features (skips, playlists-no stations-, and advanced tags and search content)


17 May 2015

There are two problems that I used to have with this app: 1. The fact that sometimes it automatically skips a song or two. I didn't even click the skip button and it just does it.... Please fix this issue because I miss out on a lot of great songs that I love listening to. 2. Also, when I quit the app and come back to it the next day or after I turn the computer back on the name of the person the created the playlist is absent. When I click on the spot where the name should be it say something is wrong with the internet connection. Nothing is wrong with my internet connection. It behaves like a broken link, as a matter of fact, I think that might be it. Other than the issues that I've stated, it's a great app for music. Please for the last time deal with these issues. Do you guys even read these? Thanks for fixing these issues.


4 May 2015

it worked fine, now it boots up then stops working completely

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