(a9t9) Chinese Subtitles Translator

Learning Chinese has one great advantage: Most Chinese movies and TV shows are subtitled in Chinese by default. But as we Chinese learners are all painfully aware of, there is no easy link between a character and its pronouncitation and tone. For that, we have Pinyin, the phonetic language for Chinese. But finding movies with Pinyin subtitles is almost impossible outside special clips for Chinese learners. And there was never an easy way to look up a new vocabulary word while watching a video... ... that is until now. Chinese Subtitle Translator (or simply “CST”) recognizes the Chinese characters of the subtitle directly in the video and translates them to Pinyin and then translates them to English. All this works visually, directly on the Youtube portal. There is no need to search the internet for free subtitle files in SRT format and use complicated DVD player setups. Just open the CST app, go to Youtube, start your favorite video and press the “Translate!” button whenever you need some help with the Chinese subtitle. CST works with any video portal that shows the videos with a HTML5 video player. Flash players are not yet supported.


  • Translate Chinese subtitles to Pinyin and English while watching the video.
  • Create instant Pinyin subtitles