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    • Note badge big fixed • Newly created notes are removed on discard

abc Notes - ToDo & Sticky Note Application

abcNotes is App of The Day on myAppFree, don't miss your daily deals http://get.myappfree.it abcNotes was designed to become your stylish and highly customizable, functional and easy to use assistant in taking notes and managing To Do lists. It takes advantage of new Windows 8 Modern UI; utilizes advantages of tablet computers touch screen as well as traditional PC mouse and keyboard input, preserving realistic look & feel of paper sticky notes. BEAUTIFUL APPEARANCE: • 88 backgrounds to choose from • 45 note skins • 27 badge designs & 115 icons EXTREMELY FUNCTIONAL: • Up to 15 virtual desktops • Scale, rotate and drag notes • Easy to edit and move between desktops • Share notes using Charm bar All your notes and desktops are seamlessly synchronized between your Windows 8 devices (login to Windows using Live ID required). Your data is always accessible! No more boring note lists – abcNotes brings you the ability to make REAL notes on your Windows 8 device. Put everything you need to remember into abcNotes! View you notes the way you want! Rotate your abcNotes to any angle you wish! Please feel free to contact us at abcnotes@alsedi.com if you have suggestions, feature requests, or bug reports.


  • Take Notes and ToDo.
  • 45 note skins and 88 professionally designed backgrounds.
  • Seamless notes and desktops synchronization between Windows 8 devices.
  • Share text and links into abcNotes from Mail or Internet Explorer

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6 January 2014

I would like to resize the posts according to text size (remember windows 7 note app?); also, more colors for the note paper would be nice. Other than that, it is very helpful for my purposes. Thank you


16 October 2013

Everything about this app is beautiful BUT they forgot to add the most important component...live tiles. I want to see my notes. That's one of the best features of Windows vs Apple...Apple has dead blocks, Windows has live tiles. Please update and I'll be sure to update my review. For now, not my favorite but still a nice app.


13 October 2013

This app is not only functional, (so far no glitches or bugs), but it is also one of the most customizable note apps for quick notes. Allows for up to 15 screens with backgrounds you can name, making it easier to sort notes. Many note types to choose from and allows you to use different fonts and resize, rotate and easily move and delete notes. I LOVE this note app... and I've tried them all....


27 June 2013

I love post-it notes. The fact that this has several desktops to choose from and the ability to title them is better than any physical organization I could conceive of. It's limited to 15 desktops, but no one but me should need anymore, lol. I highly recommend this app.


5 June 2013

There are many backgrounds for the note "screens" that match whatever mood you're in. Also, the color combo of note sized, colors, fonts, and font colors are so varied and numerous. Outside of pure eye-candy, the capabilities are what you expect of a notes application. You can store, edit, and delete notes. What makes this application perfect is that it allows you to organize these notes in anywhere from 6 to 15 different "screens" depending on how you organize - at least as of this review.


16 February 2013

I purchased this on my ipad/iphone and loved it. I thought now, if it will only work with my laptop--it will be perfect. I have Windows 8--herein lies my first problem. I have a different email registered for ITunes than my Microsoft Live user--as many people may that have had ITunes for ages. There is apparently no way to sync with iTunes other than if you are signed into your Windows 8 device with a Windows Live ID. Great. And, to add insult to injury--it charged me again!


20 January 2013

Tilt function should be added !!


26 December 2012

I would give it 5 starts if you could really sync or share notes across computers. I do use MS online account and have win 8 pro installed, - yet "share" only duplicated a note on the same machine. What is even worse, - no sync with iPad version.


17 December 2012

it missing digital ink. I would like to hand write my notes. hope to see ink support in the updates :)


27 November 2012

This app is fantastic as its ios counterpart. I have been using it a lot on my iPad. Now on my windows. Looks very elegant. Has all the functionality I need and very easy to use. Hats off to the creator for creating such an awesome application.

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