AC Life Science: Agent Organelles

Learn science in a way that’s engaging and effective. Explorations and animations in an interactive environment let you extend your learning beyond a textbook. Using the analogy of a city run by various workers, called agents, you must tackle a number of problems by matching each task with the agent whose skills are best suited to solve the situation at hand. In the process, discover the functions of various organelles and inclusions in a cell. • Assign agents to fix problems that arise in a city. • Pair each agent with a task based on the agent’s unique skills. • Consider the roles that organelles play in a plant cell. • Learn about the functions of a cell’s nucleus, cytoplasm, mitochondria, and more. • Look at the structures of plant cells.


  • Explore a plant cell in an interactive environment.
  • Use analogies to learn about organelles.
  • Investigate the structures of plant cells.
  • Demonstrate what you learn by taking quizzes.
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11 July 2014

Fun way to connect how a city works with how a plant cell works. Students compare the jobs needed in a city with the parts of a plant cell and their "jobs" in the cell. The associated student worksheet provides a great tool as the student works through the app that can be used later as a resource when preparing for a quiz. Really likes the presentation of the material and the real world connection.