AC Life Science

Science: It’s the study of the physical and natural world all around us. So shouldn’t learning about life on Earth be active, exploratory, and as engaging as the subject itself? Move beyond the static text and images of textbooks and let the world of science come alive. Work in virtual laboratories to investigate photosynthesis or study people’s genetic characteristics, perform tests to understand how mold grows or create suitable habitats for pandas and sea turtles. From genetics to ecology, evolution to biological molecules, and more, the AC Life Science app provides a collection of interactive and animated content that lets you explore a variety of scientific concepts within virtual environments. For ease of use, all of the animations and activities available within the AC Life Science app are organized into units and study plans. So whether you choose to investigate Human Effects on Nature within the Ecology unit or to study Food and Digestion from the unit on Structure and Function in Living Systems, you’ll have a library of highly visual activities right there on your tablet. • Access well organized units and study plans that group content by topic, including: o Biological Molecules and Cells  Levels of Organization  Cell Structure  Cellular Energy  Cellular Transport o Structure and Function in Living Systems  Cell Division  Reproductive Systems  Movement and Support  Circulation  Respiration  Food and Digestion  Excretion  Human Body  Nervous System  Endocrine System  Sensory Organs o Genetics and Heredity  Mendelian Genetics  Molecular Genetics o Evolution, Diversity, and Classification  History of the Earth and Life  Evolution and Adaptation  Biodiversity  Classification o Ecology  Organisms and Their Environment  Interactions Among Organisms  Population Dynamics  Energy Flow  Cycling of Matter  Human Effects on Nature • Carry out experiments, investigate concepts, make predictions, and answer questions. • Watch animations that illustrate challenging concepts with colorful graphics. • Use Venn diagrams, graphs, dichotomous keys, and more.


  • Explore life science in an engaging and interactive environment.
  • See real-life applications of key topics.
  • Set up and perform experiments.
  • Make and test hypotheses.
  • Use graphs to analyze and interpret data.
  • Get step-by-step instructions and feedback.
  • Demonstrate what you learn by taking quizzes.
  • Access key vocabulary terms in a glossary.
  • Complete worksheets aligned directly to each activity.
  • Want more? Check out the AC library in the Windows Store.