Most word games rehash Scrabble or Boggle. Not Adlib! In Adlib you'll have a blast flipping letters, spelling words, and keeping the board from filling up. Adlib was an "Honorary Mention" in MochiMedia's "Word Play" contest and has been featured on To date, Adlib has been enjoyed by over 500,000 people!


  • Addictive letter-flipping mechanic challenges you to spell the best possible word
  • Fast-paced word spelling action keeps you on your toes
  • Blast apart letters with powerful bombs
  • Pick up and play your game at home or on the go with roaming settings
  • Live tile support

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21 February 2016

great fast moving game


1 September 2015

easy to play, with time enough to it!


12 July 2015

Only works part time


3 July 2015

Is this game only in touch? My mouse won't work on this app. How do I change that, please?


16 June 2015

love it


4 June 2015

While I love the gameplay (especially on touch, but it's not non-touch friendly which is a no-no), the implementation is somewhat lacking. As a wordsmith, I tend to know what words should be valid. Valid words for Scrabble should also be valid here, but the dictionary is rather limited and it doesn't understand even some common words. I'd estimate the dictionary at 30,000 words, though I could be wrong. Much of a 30,000 word dictionary seems to be missing from this game, and I'm used to playing games with full, unabridged 160,000 word dictionaries. This one is just plain irritating when you come up with word after word that doesn't get recognized, only to have the tiles rise. Fix the vocabulary, and I'll increase the star count. Otherwise, I plan to uninstall. Just too frustrating without a decent vocabulary behind it.


29 April 2015

Incomplete directions which is frustrating. Otherwise it might be a good game.


30 March 2015

The description stated this game was addictive... it is! Only get this game if you have time to play.


15 March 2015

I love this game


4 March 2015

Keeps one interested.addicting. Good game

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