Air Strike Gunship Helicopter 3D

Air Strike Gunship Helicopter is a challenging 3D helicopter-flying simulation game. Get ready to operate the 3D gunship battle helicopter flight simulator for an air strike chase mission. Being a trained helicopter pilot put your flight simulator skills for a good cause. Attack the terrorists. Ranked as elite officer pilot, you are supposed to lead this mission in real time. Jump into the flying action full of thrill busting adventure while eliminating the city from bad guys. Accomplish missions, fly Apache Cobra helicopter through the city, shoot the criminals, target the terrorists and fly around to protect your country. Jump into the helicopter, take off to the skies and carry out the gunship battle. Your fellow brother Air force and police pilots are on their way to join you for the battle. Till the brothers reach the arena, you have to be the frontline commando. Keep yourself safe from the crossfire. Save your homeland from enemy invasion & extreme destruction. The interesting blend of flight simulation and air strike combat brings you to encounter with most daunting aircraft missions of your life. Fly your copter around the country with an aim to shoot terrorists. This clean up mission will take you to drift through tricky skyways, edge of top buildings and busy streets and highways. Balance between speed and air drive will be a real test of your pilot gesture control. Chase, aim and kill. Get the engines running, pilot your copter to follow the criminals and shoot them till your brother pilots join you in the mission. It’s not a cargo or passenger aircraft/ helicopter. It’s a specialized Gunship Helicopter game. Fly from the helipad and let the gunship flying adventures begin. Avoid Air Navy Fighters, Air Fighters, gun strikes, enemy Airplanes, obstacles and Aircrafts. Destroy your allies with accurate gun strike shoots. Look out for SAM missiles, crossfire, air strike, avoid radars, ww2 guns, anti aircraft weapons, warships, aircraft gunner and choppers. Take-off from the aircraft carrier, chase the terrorist aircraft jets, shoot them till your country is free. It’s a first person shooting (fps) as well as third person shooting game. Your duty is to get glory for your country.


  • Action packed helicopter game
  • Stunning 3D graphics in real physic gesture control
  • Smooth transition of gyroscopic motion
  • take-off and land your chopper
  • Amazing skyline and realistic scenarios
  • First person shooting (FPS) as well as third person shooting
  • In – flight aircraft shooting adventure