Airplane Rescue Simulator 3D - Pilot Crash Landing

Airplane Rescue Simulator is a real time flying simulation with different rescue missions. A multi-tasking game that will take you to the height of airplane flying, bus driving, oil tanker transporter truck drive and fire rescue truck simulation. A complete gameplay story to let you enjoy the real thrill of a 3d simulator. The game begins with airport bus driving to transport passengers & tourist from the terminal to the airplane. Be the push back driver to fulfil your duty on the runway. Make sure the fuel tank is full. Drive the oil tanker to fuel the plane before the flight takes off. A new chapter in the simulation games with multiple challenges ahead. Airplane Pilot Rescue Duty is a new concept in the plane simulator games with different challenges for you to accomplish. Begin the airport duty as the bus driver to transport airplane passengers from the terminal to airport plane. The flight is ready to board! One of the plane got an emergency alert as its propeller set on fire during the sky high flight. The plane is in emergency situation, as the airplane pilot you need to make a crash landing before the fire gets dangerous for the passengers. Make an emergency airport landing and let the passengers escape safely. Bring in the rescue truck and extinguish the fire. Play the role of a fire fighter at the airport. Airplane Flight Airport Rescue is an emergency rescue game where you play a vital role. Once you get the alert inside your cockpit, plan your landing and make it safe for your passengers. The plane is set on fire, drive your truck to the aircraft and extinguish the fire. One of the eye catching features in the game is multiple driving experiences. Complete all challenges and enjoy this 3d flying simulator.


  • Multiple Game play Tasks to Complete
  • Manual Airplane Flight & Landings
  • Real Time Air Plane Simulation
  • Play as a Flight Rescurer
  • Drive Bus, Fly Aircraft and Play as Fire Fighter

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26 July 2016

dot tight it is cool


16 July 2016

This game is very bad


13 July 2016

No sirve


6 July 2016

this games is so helpful in real life


14 June 2016

Drove bus with passengers then drove gas to plane in a truck filled tank now ready to take off in plane but theres nothing happening no controls. Or anything showing me how to take off,, what's going on ????please help and ill change my rating to 5 stars....... Thank you


4 June 2016

First the plane can't take off when u try to brake and hit the fence it SAYS YOU CRASHED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


29 May 2016

Don't waste your time stupid and the controls don't work most of the time


17 April 2016



11 April 2016

Can't even get past the passenger bus because once I have turned the wheel right it sticks and will not go left anymore


8 April 2016

Waste of time

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