Alarm Buddy

Alarm Buddy is an alarm clock that helps you calculate the best wake up time by taking your sleep cycles into account. Alarm Buddy also combines a fade-in effect that imitates natural sunrise and the sound of nature to ensure that you'll wake up feeling refreshed.


  • Suggested wake up times based on sleep cycle
  • Fade-in morning birds sound
  • Simulated sunrise effect
  • Fully customizable alarm settings

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4 April 2016

great clock


5 March 2016

I love this app it is litterly like your own buddy telling you to wake up and it even gives you suggestions on when to set your time.


20 December 2015

Really really works for me I fell out the bed last night.


28 November 2015

this is such a great alarm I think I will have it till I am 100 years old so enjoy it and love it so much that you will do the same thing as me aka im not really fina do that ok enjoy


5 September 2015

A great app


18 August 2015

this app is an amazing alarm with different verity and amazing quailty


17 July 2015

This has helped immensely. The UI is confusing at first but it is definitely worth figuring out.


30 March 2015

love it


6 March 2015

I like how you can see the end of each cycle, it makes napping less groggy !


23 February 2015

This helps me so much wake up for school at 6:45 in the morning

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