All My Storage Pro

All My Storage Pro is a useful application that allows you to manage your Box, Dropbox, Facebook, Google Drive, IDrive, (multiple) OneDrive and SugarSync accounts from a simple, easy to use metro dashboard interface. All My Storage Pro allows you to manage the contents of your cloud storage providers and to move your data from one cloud storage provider to another assisting you in keeping your cloud storage costs to a minimum. All My Storage Pro also offers a handy cloud statistics view for you to monitor your cloud storage resource uses and available quotas. You can also change the theme of your dashboard by navigating to the Preferences fly out window.


  • File explorer for navigating local drives and cloud storage accounts
  • Search for files across Local System, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, IDrive, SugarSync and multiple OneDrive accounts
  • Copy between cloud storage accounts easily
  • Link as many cloud storage accounts as you want
  • Change themes and create custom themes
  • Speedy interaction with local caching feature
  • View your cloud storage statistics
  • No advertising
  • Drag and Drop File Explorer functionality
  • Share files and hyperlinks with your friends and colleagues

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29 June 2015

Please add copy and paste functionality between clouds & local storage of folders. I will say this is the only program that allows me Google drive access.


8 September 2014



12 July 2014

Handy app to gather all your data together. Would like to see the sort order made "sticky". Like my files sorted by name, but I have to hit the drop down each time.


20 July 2013

This app is an app that I find extraordinarily useful, linking the many differnet cloud accounts that I have, and this app words quite well at allowing me to manage them from my computer. However, it is not without some issues, some being a lack of customization, there is some, but it is limited. Also, some of the UI seems a little off at times. Lastly, support for other cloud services (Copy, for example). But I see much potential and can't wait to see what comes next from these guys!


14 July 2013

its terrible! bought and now I could see only skydrive! could not link dropbox


21 June 2013

This is an elegant file manager with links to many of the popular cloud providers. It permits transfer of files among cloud providers without having to download files to the local computer. It also permits transfer of files between cloud servers and the local computer. It suffers from a couple of problems. It takes forever to refresh file lists and it sometimes crashes during transfers. These drawbacks make it not as useful as one might hope.


16 April 2013

Updated this app today - wish I hadn't! The update removes all previous setting. OK so that's no real big deal but it does not retain local file storage links when you restart the application and that's really really annoying


27 January 2013

Don't know


6 December 2012

I am disappointed that I purchased this. It is very slow and has trouble accessing my online files. This just isn't ready for prime-time yet.


11 November 2012

Was able to connect all three of my SkyDrive and a DropBox account without any issues. Tried a $49.99 solution yesterday that didn't work, so glad I found All My Storage. There is a bug where SkyDrive folders won't open if it contains a video file (WMV & MP4 confirmed). Or, if the video is in the SkyDrive root the app will crash. Just move the file(s) to another folder for now. Already contacted the developer. A must have for multiple Cloud accounts.

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