Allrecipes Video Cookbook

Make recipes right the first time with this virtual cookbook of free, professionally-produced videos. Watch top recipes being made step-by-step. Pause, skip, and go back whenever you want. Ingredients are displayed prominently alongside the video for easy reference.


  • Videos are organized by course/meal (e.g. Appetizers)
  • Featured Recipes section offers fresh recipe ideas
  • Videos include user ratings and prep/cook time
  • Directions are synched with video for easy viewing
  • Expanded view features user reviews and nutrition info

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11 January 2015



4 January 2015

This is the greatest app ever. Love how it shows you how to cook. Truly phenomenal. How could it get better. 1. Allow searches for specific dishes. 2. Permit users to create a meal planner for the week by dragging and dropping recipes into specific days and times. 3. A grocery sync list that loads ingredients into a list for you, so you know what to get from the grocery store. Also, the sync list reviews all the recipes to make sure you are buying only the stuff you need (e.g., if you have 4 recipes that require vinegar, the sync list adds up the amount of vinegar from each recipe so you know if you need 1 bottle, 2, or more). 4. A feature to search for recipes based on ingredient or alphabetically. 5. Another sync list that allows you to pair dishes and form a complete meal based on reviewer suggestions. 6. A save feature to keep recipes in storage just in case the app loads new dishes and purges old ones. Other than that, this thing is fantastic. Keep up the good work!


28 December 2014

I love this app but there's no point to use it if I can't search for specific recipes or save the recipes that I love. Please fix this.


14 November 2014

Not very useful if I can't SEARCH for a specific recipe


30 October 2014

Really love this app. Just wish it had an easy way so share recipe videos on Facebook.


26 October 2014

On my dell venue pro 8" the app doesn't scale and labels for the recipes' names don't display on the screen


8 October 2014



6 October 2014

I only wish there was a search and save function


21 September 2014

No Search. I don't have time for browsing an app.


10 September 2014

For any one who enjoys cooking, this is for you! Beautifully designed. Thanks for this app!

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