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    Release 3: * This update includes the ability to mix the border color. The transparent color has been removed from the color list, and the UI has had a few small changes and improvements. Release 4: * This release contains a bug fix for a crash if non-numeric data was pasted into the hexadecimal text box. Release 5: * Minor descriptive changes. Release 6: * Added text preview. Release 7: * Updated release notes (that you are reading right now). * Changed app description to include information about the Alpha channel (transparency) for anyone who isn't a programmer or engineer. Release 8: * Provide the app to all markets, not just the US. The app is still just in English though. Release 9: * Added HSL numeric inputs.

Alpha Color Mixer

The Alpha Color Mixer is a tool for software developers. Computer programs (apps) often use transparency for various purposes, and this tool provides transparency mixing, along with the more typical RGB and HSB controls. Red, Green, Blue, Hue, Saturation, Lightness/Brightness, and Transparency can all be adjusted individually using sliders (moving knobs). Colors can also be entered in hexadecimal and decimal formats for quickly getting from a preview to working code. Hexadecimal and decimal values can also be entered to see a previous of an already encoded color. Any change to any one control, whether it be one of the text inputs or any individual control knob, all other controls are adjusted to match. Changing the Red slider knob will make the Hue, Saturation, Lightness, Hexadecimal, Decimal, and the Preview, all change instantly and automatically. Transparency is visualized by having a checkerboard pattern behind the preview color box. As the transparency is increased (Alpha decreased), the checkerboard shows through the color previous at the appropriate amount. In addition to mixing colors by hand, the Microsoft tools color set used in Windows Store apps, phone apps, and elsewhere, is available. Simply click or tap on a color from the named color list to select it for preview. When mixing a color, the closest named color is also displayed. This is a development tool that I developed for my own use because there were no tools available that included the Alpha channel transparency value for mixing and preview.


  • Real-time color preview.
  • Feedback though all color adjustment controls.
  • Alpha, RGB, HSL, hexadecimal, decimal, and color swatch inputs.
  • Separate preview border and center color selection.
  • Preview text, as well as the preview color square.

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28 January 2014

No explanation or instructions make it hard work with. I don't have a clue as to what Alpha is. I'm a commercial artist and familiar with red, green, blue and magenta, cyan, yellow and hue, saturation, brightness but Alpha? I haven't a clue.


26 December 2013

So great, simple, has translucency and color comparisons!


25 October 2013

Very easy to use. Intuitive. Did exactly what I needed.