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    *** UPDATE v1.4.1 *** Fixed daylight savings bug *** UPDATE v1.4 *** Updated styles Added how-to guide when user first runs *** UPDATE v1.3 *** Fixed issues with weather background. Style updates. Added menu bar to Alarms page. *** UPDATE v1.2 *** Fixed Live Tile. Now it will display time even if you don't open the app up often. Updated weather pages with new style and logic. Fixed issues when getting weather for time zones that aren't your own. Now show current weather in clock background.

Ambient Alarm Clock

Ambient Alarm Clock is the BEST alarm clock you can get! With recurring alarms, in-app real-time weather, and self-dimming display, you cannot find a better alarm clock to use. This is an alarm clock you can trust. The alarms utilize the system notifications, so you don't have to worry that your alarms won't go off. And you can rely on the weather information you receive because it is up to the minute and provided by reliable international weather agencies. There are numerous customizable settings that give you the best experience possible. The self-dimming display will work if your device has a light sensor. All photographs in the application were shot by myself. I enjoy photography and was happy to integrate my pictures into the weather and alarms sections! I'll keep refreshing these pictures in future releases. This application is advertisement supported. If you do not want to see these you can upgrade to the fully licensed version. Thanks for trying Ambient Alarm Clock!


  • Alarms / Recurring Alarms
  • Weather
  • Self dimming display
  • Adjustable time format settings

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25 July 2016

I use this for about 22 days and then its stops working. WHY?I thought it was good(well it was at first) its just stupidity


1 March 2016

Doesn't work after a month of using it


10 September 2015



8 April 2015

Of the five I've tried I like this one the best. However, it won't hold settings so it's being removed.


3 April 2015



8 October 2014

Would be nice to have a sleep music function. Also ability to set a default volume level.


9 July 2014

Does what it should. If I could adjust size of clock on live tile it would be a 5


15 June 2014

The Ambient Alarm Clock app would be great but.... I would like it to have a choice of colors for the numbers and for the alarm part it would be nice if the snooze button and the dismiss button were 2 separate buttons, it is too easy to hit dismiss when you want the snooze.


7 May 2014

no settings under the settings options in windows 8.1, no documentation, no way to change or test or actually SEE anything.


11 March 2014

So far this App has been great. I wish all worked this good and were this easy to setup and get going Please keep them coming and Thank You very much.

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