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  • Category: Books & Reference / E-reader
  • Published by: Denasu System ?
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  • Supported processors: x64, x86, ARM
  • Language: English (United States) and 1 other language ?
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    Ver 1.8.1 - Improving error handling opening 1000+ books. Ver 1.8 - Add changing pen color - Improved zooming at opening books - Add left and right button to both side Ver 1.7 - Changed UI to Windows 10 standard - Support drag and drop from Explorer - Improved image quality when zooming - Fix reading time when using other apps - Fix some srashes during book loading Ver. 1.6 - Support changing single / two page view - Support scrolling thumbnails of scrollbar - Support reseting scroll position when moving page Ver. 1.5 - Support Windows 10 Ver. 1.4 - Support book rotation - Support scrolling with dragging book in bookshelf - Support launching multiple book from explorer and moving to other books - Support changing full screen by F5, changing to hand mode by ESC Ver. 1.3 - Support password PDF - Enable to change left and right position of current page instead of title page - Support Ctrl +/- to zoom and Ctrl+allow to scroll - Support Del key to delete notes and bookmarks Ver. 1.2.1 - Support RAR file Ver 1.2 - Support pinned image to look at a figure in another page - Add corner-to-scroll and flipping button - Display current book on start screen (live tile) - Support double-clicking books in explorer - Skip some steps to delete books - Search lost books in bookshelf screen

Analog Book Reader

Analog Book Reader is an e-book reader made by a bookworm. PDF and Zip/RAR (e.g. comics) are supported. I have tried many e-book readers but all of them were hard to use for me. I just wanted to read books "analog way" so I made this app. The "analog way" I think is as follows: I want to... - flip through all the pages quickly - open the exact page in a large book - see another pages temporarily - see a figure on a previous page - mark where I am reading right now - know how long I have to read all the time Note: In order to read books comfortably, the app uses memory and CPU as much as possible.


  • Flip fast with storing all the pages in memory
  • Scroll to exact page even with touch
  • Put bookmark anywhere in a page
  • Scribble on a book
  • Pin a image from another page
  • Measuring reading time
  • Bookshelf

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31 December 2014

Thank you for sharing this useful app with other bookworms! One feature that would be good to add is single page advance for two page view. In other words, if two pages are showing, go forward one page - move the right-side page to the left and make the new page appear on the right. And this is not a bad bug, but if the app is dragged to half screen, say the right half of the screen, tapping anywhere on the page goes BACK in pages, as if only the left page in two-page view is being tapped. Maybe this could be fixed at the same time a single-page advance in two-page view is implemented. These requests aside, I'd rate the app as very good, and the best so far for full-screen viewing of a PDF file with horizontal scrolling.


13 May 2014

I tried many PDF reader,l love smartQ on android, but I can not find similar one on window platform. Today I find this one and love it right away. If horizontal view can view only one or part page, every tap can view the rest part of the page until to next page of first part, it will be the best PDF reader. Hopefully, we can have update Analog Book Reader. Thank you very much for your hard work.


7 April 2014

Excellent work. There is a small typo on the Statistics screen.