Ancient Aliens And Other Strange Mysteries

What if history books are wrong? What if we aren't looking close enough at the facts? What if some legends are real and were interpreted incorrectly? What if it's time for the truth to be discovered? This app asks and explores questions by presenting facts and asking more logical questions based on those facts. We encourage you to investigate and make your own judgements... Explore the possibility Of Civilizations older than our own, Ancient Astronauts, and Ancient Aliens Take a look at the uncanny connections and similarities between ancient civilizations that supposedly never knew each. Learn about more incredible facts you may not have known. Plus, check out info about other weird stuff like Area 51, The British Government X-Files, Bigfoot, and more! Download it now!


  • 20 Mind-Blowing Topics - Ancient Aliens, Giza, Pyramids, Stonehenge, Area 51, Cryptozoology, and more, PLUS Aliens In Ancient Art
  • Uncover Facts - Read about and explore some of the strangest mysteries ever
  • References - Explore over 100 reference links
  • Aliens In Ancient Art Gallery - Classical paintings and other art possibly showing UFOs will make you think

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11 October 2013

Made me think differently about a few things, I think I'm going to start watching the show now.