Ancient Rome 2

Construct entire residential districts for people and improve their well-being by building markets, schools, theaters and other places, and connect them with roads for ease of access. Create warehouses and farms, plant wheat and bake bread, mine clay and manufacture all kinds of crockery. Once you have your manufacturing in place and running, provide your population with food, improving the status of households. Sell the excess of products and make more money. The richer households become with time, the more taxes they pay, thus helping you improve the city. Once you have successfully completed all the missions, you will be able to build your own villa! Trailer Ancient Rome 2:


  • 30 levels
  • Large maps for construction
  • Long gameplay
  • Build your own villa
  • Save mode
  • Sandbox for free play

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14 February 2016

Will not let you tile roads


1 June 2015

This game is very much like Caesar 3 as one other reviewer already mentioned. It does rely heavily on a mouse for gameplay, I can imagine that using touch instead would get annoying fast. Personally, I still think Caesar 3 out does this game, but it is really pretty good for an app game. I'd like to see more control available over different aspects (like stockpiling certain commodities rather than just halting them). All in all a good game.


23 May 2014

I'm saving up for this app. I can't wait to get it!


23 January 2014

Plan on using a mouse with this game. Touch works, but the game still thinks the mouse is on the screen wherever you left it to vanish and won't let you perform actions with touch. Other than that the game feels like a Caesar 1/2/3 throwback. It pretty much copies them really. Would like a sandbox mode in addition to the main campaign though. That's just the city sim fan in me.