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After huge support from users on Windows Phone, we bring Animated Movies app on Windows 8, following a regular request from our app fans. With regular updates, you will get more animated movies at one place. All the videos are refreshing and full of entertainment. You can send request in your favourite animated movies at and we’ll try to add those movies to the collection The app is suitable for all ages and is a complete family entertainer. You don’t have to search out for your favorite videos every time you want to watch them. All episodes are in MP4 video with high quality, which provides superior Audio and Video quality while preserving battery life. 1) Pause, Play, mute, unmute and stop the video feature available on screen, tap to bring the control bar up. 2) Full screen support along with zoom in and zoom out functionality. 3) Showing the progress bar, utilizing the full screen area for better viewing. 4) Fast forward and reverse functionality available. 5) Resume the video from where you left it before going to home screen. 6) No need to wait, all popular videos are available right now, on demand. 7) No loss to your personal information. 8) Beautiful interface, sleek design, fast loading and great experience. 9) In app viewing of the videos, no dependencies on any other application to run videos. 10) We’ll keep you updated for new videos, features and enhancements. 11) Showing the list of videos is fast as no buffering time required for the list. Get this App right now for the videos at a single click and enjoy watching. For any feedback/suggestion/feature request, kindly drop an email to


  • Large collection of good quality movies
  • Refreshing videos collection preiodically

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12 October 2015

I had this app before and it was pretty cool. But then I uninstalled it for some reason and now, like 8 months later, I reinstall it and whichever movie I pick, it starts to load... then this message always pops up saying that there was an error and that it can't play the movie. Does this happen to everyone? Also, 8 months or so back, I kept in mind that it always stopped every few minutes to "buffer." and that would take a while...


22 September 2015

I got it to work once, and It was great and the movie selection is great, but again, worked ONCE. I have friend uninstalling it and reinstalling it and restarting my tablet time and time again. The navigation is a pain and overall, I think if themed spent even a day more developing it, it would be worth tons, but they screwed it up. Don't waste your time until they fix it


12 September 2015

Its not bad, and its nice to see some of the older Disney movies on here, however the quality could be better, for instance I wanted to watch Aladdin and the sound quality is poor, and some of the other movies have low video quality. It would also be nice to have a search bar instead of having to scroll through.


2 September 2015

Awesome app but the only issue is that full screen or not, Ads are always on the side which is annoying so can you do it like how Youtube does that would be better than having to stare at an Ad rather than watching the movie.


30 August 2015

need more movies


15 August 2015

I love that there are so many of my child hood movies on this app but I can't watch half of them cause an error message. Its frustrating when I want to watch a movie and it says that the movie is not available. Please get these movies back or take them off the app so I know what I can and can't watch. Thank you


13 August 2015

Awesome app, 1 question. Can you fix the movie How to train your dragon? Please.


12 August 2015

Amazing app


8 August 2015

Most the movies are not available due to error


1 August 2015

I wish you guys could fix it to where it's not loading the video every 5 minutes

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