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  • Published by: Mexond ?
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  • Supported processors: x64, x86, ARM
  • Language: English (United States), English and 17 other languages ?
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  • Notes:
    v.1.1.23 -Fixed a bug that made it hard to press preview on touchscreens -Added a button to our Animated Puzzles STAR Kickstarter campaign: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mexond/animated-puzzles-star v.1.1.2 - Updated Facebook and Twitter integrations. v.1.1.12 - Updated ad-provider in hope that it will fix the lag and freeze bugs that ads caused for some users in the last version. v.1.1.11 - Fixed a bug where the selected tile would rotate when tapping elsewhere. v.1.1.10 - Added new shape of puzzle pieces to completed puzzles. v.1.1.9 Major update! Lots of things among others: -MULTIPLAYER BATTLE!!! -Lots of minor esthetic improvements. -Fixed a bunch of bugs. -Improved online saves. -Improved create user/sign in screens. v1.1.8.23 -Fixed share on Facebook crash bug. v1.1.8 -Added a add-on with coast puzzles. v1.1.6 -Added a add-on with spring puzzles. v1.1.5 -Added a new puzzle that can earned by sharing a link on Facebook. v1.1.4 -The puzzle-piece-panel can no longer be minimized. -Made a few other changes to the puzzle piece button so that it would be easier to pull it out without dropping it. -Fixed a bug that made the game crash on the highscore screen(that includes when completing a puzzle) when not connected to the highscore servers. -Added zoom to the help. -Added a setting to unlock all puzzles at once.

Animated Puzzles

Jigsaw style puzzle game with a new and challenging twist! Animated Puzzles is a Jigsaw-style picture puzzle game with a challenging twist; animated puzzles! Try to get the right pieces into place while parts of the image is in motion. Different and extremely enjoyable! The soft animated motions combined with the beautiful photos and harmonic tunes makes it perfect for whenever you want to escape reality for a while. It's relaxing, easy to play and yet challenging at the same time. Go ahead and try for yourself! It's free! Additional info: This puzzle game belongs to the jigsaw genre and is best described as a jigsaw puzzle with square shaped puzzle pieces. The shape of the pieces makes it very easy to overview and simple to play. The game consists of several puzzles, each with its own unique image. As you progress, the puzzles will increase in difficulty by having more pieces. For easier overview, simply pinch to zoom in/out or you can adjust the size of the piece holder. The game works great in both portrait and landscape view. Enjoy!


  • Live Tiles
  • Online Multiplayer (Fight mode)
  • Play to unlock shaped puzzle pieces
  • Landscape and portrait view.
  • Adjustable puzzle piece holder
  • Global Leaderboards

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25 June 2016

Excellent time waster... kudos


2 May 2016

Like it


15 March 2016



28 February 2016

I like it


25 January 2016

Really good and very interesting and very different


2 January 2016

Just started, but I'm hooked for now.


1 January 2016

Just began the animated puzzles. They are difficult to put together, but a lot of fun to do.


19 November 2015

A very relaxing time spender


6 November 2015

I enjoy it cause its different from the other puzzles


1 November 2015

A great challenge.

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