AP Easy Password Safe

If you're tired of having to remember all of your passwords, and are looking for a way to help ensure that your private information stays private, you'll find AP Easy Password Safe a help. From now on, the only password that you will need to remember is the master key required to access the AP Easy Password Safe application. AP Easy Password Safe is a Windows Store application that allows you to securely store all your passwords for all your e-mail accounts, websites, bank accounts, serial numbers, or anything that requires a password. Even if your Personal Computer or Tablet is stolen, your AP Easy Password Safe information is protected because all your personal data is stored using military grade 256-bit AES encryption. With the free trial version you will be able to access all the software features for one month. After that, if you want to get the ads-free version, and be able to store unlimited password entries, you will be asked to buy the full product. Please note that the trial blocks the access to your password list after the trial period expires. By purchasing the app, the access gets unblocked. Protect your privacy with AP Easy Password Safe! Privacy Policy This application does not collect or transmit any user’s personal information. No personal information is used, stored, secured or disclosed by services this application works with. If you would like to report any violations of this policy, please contact us at: apdevgroup@outlook.com


  • Fully Integrated with the Windows Search & Settings Charms
  • Automatic Logout Configuration Option Available For An Increased Level of Security
  • All Windows Views Supported (Landscape, Portrait, Filled, and Snapped)
  • Excellent User Interface
  • Very Easy To Use
  • Password Information Synchronization Between Windows Devices (Optional)
  • When the optional local web browser (In App) is used, your passwords are automatically filled in for you.
  • Automatic Password Generator
  • Erase Clipboard Seconds After Copying Password Information
  • Available on the following languagues English, Spanish, Italian, French, Finnish, German, and Portuguese.

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6 March 2014

I liked the program except it won't let you organize the information in alphabetical order it will only display information in the order it was inserted, this suck for a lot of passwords


15 November 2013

what is this


4 September 2013

Not syncing with my other Windows computer


24 August 2013

The look and feel of the app is really nice. I don't like the predefined required Fields like "Description",. I can't save unless I type "n/a" here. Also, I should be able to add fields for some accounts. Bank accounts don't have a place to enter URL's username & passwords. but all bank accounts have them. Since I cant add these fields I have to choose to put this info in "websites" "Banking" or Both, not ideal I want to add Fields and remove required field status. Also needs exporting toexcel


25 July 2013

Downloaded trial version. Looks like a pretty well organized Password Saver. Unfortunately I have only been able to save a couple of passwords to it. On most attempts I get an error on one of the fields including the 'Comment' field about something that needs to be fixed. No matter what I do to correct the 'error' its never satisfied. This makes the App useless.


28 June 2013

simple and easy to use


12 June 2013

lo que me preocupa es que pague con mi tarjeta de credito y todavia me sigue pareciendo como un trial version. Alguien me podria explicar. armoczo@msn.com


24 March 2013

I would like to put my passwords in ABC order


21 March 2013

This password manager is much more efficient and organized than the others I have seen. I have had more than one other app of this sort lose all of my passwords. AP Easy Password safe has worked out great for me and I would recommend it highly. I have over 100 passwords stored.


13 March 2013

good except for alphabetize after entry

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