Apple iMovie 10: Create & Edit Movies Essential Training

iMovie may seem simple, but it offers many of the same features as more powerful video-editing applications, including timeline-based editing, transitions, image stabilization, and even green-screen effects. It even costs much less, and comes preinstalled on all new Macs. Here "Guess-A" shows you how to create your own great looking movies to share with family and friends in iMovie. Learn how to import video from cameras and iOS devices, organize clips into a narrative, trim away unwanted footage and insert new clips, and add transitions, photos, titles, and other special effects. "Guess-A" also shows how to enhance your movie with sound effects and music and then export your movie and share it with the world. Duration: 3h 7m - for Beginner Topics include: - Importing video - Organizing events - Adding clips to a project - Trimming and split editing - Cropping and rotating - Adjusting color - Adjusting the speed of clips - Creating movie trailers - Adding background music and voice-over - Sharing your movies Take a look in the Windows Store for more "Guess-A" training apps on all your favorite software tools.


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