Archery Master

This is a casual archery game. Aim the target and hit the center. Be a Robin Hood. Simple and fun game for children or spend time. The objective of the game is hit the middle of target with the arrow. You will receive 20 arrow, and will gain another arrow every time that you hit the yellow circle. Be the best and go to the top players of the day at the Facebook. If you like games like Angry Birds, Paper Toss and Sport Games, you will like this too.


  • Touch Screen
  • Sports

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19 October 2015

This App


3 October 2015

This app is fun, but after a while its really boring. You do the same thing in every round and in the same distances.


21 April 2015

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17 October 2014

It needs to be livened up a bit. Maybe some music, some moving targets, some levels and animations.


9 May 2014



8 May 2014

I love this game so much! It did not freeze up on me. Not once. No ads popping up on me. I will never get bored of this game.


23 April 2014



1 March 2014

es el mejor juego que e jugado es NIKE


28 February 2014

Reminds me of a flash game back on the day and its fun but has little to do but shoot a target that moves when you hit it


17 February 2014

this is crap

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