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    3.34 Release * Increase the syncing speed. 3.33 Release * Feature: Support setting health KPI for tasks. 3.32 Release * Disable the notifications on succeeded auto-sync to reduce noise. 3.31 Release * Enhance history search by searching more fields and by providing the status filter. * Record concentrate/focus time on tasks. * Fixed a crash bug. 3.30 Release * Flip the location for urgent and less important areas to align with traditional Eisenhower matrix. 3.29 Release * Add context menu to tasks in Matrix View. * Add a button to remove all checklist items for the task. * Allow progress to be set more preciously by set the step to 1 than 10. * Update the authentication library. 3.28 Release * Show editing button when the mouse hovers over tasks Matrix View. * Show editing button for tiles in Scrum View. 3.27-2 Hotfix-Release * Bug fix: Sync to OneDrive for Business failed except for the first time. 3.27 Feature-Release * Feature: Tag manager in settings. * Feature: Show task details in quick edit pop-up. * Tweak confirm dialog for unsaved changes.

Arrange Pro

List all to-dos. Arrange them to reach your goal. Arrange put your task into the Urgent/Important matrix. Arrange helps to list the task in 4 categories: • important and urgent - which are your goals. • important but not urgent - which are critical activities. • urgent but not important - which are usually interruptions • neither important nor urgent - which are distractions. The main UI will show all unfinished and just finished tasks in 4 areas according to the categories. With each task item, a checklist can be added to help verify that all important points are hit. Each task has several statuses, including New / In Progress / Blocked / Cancelled and Finished. On main UI, status can be quickly switched from New -> In Progress -> Finished. Edit UI can be reached after click the edit button on a selected task.


  • Do Important --- Show important items on most visible area.
  • One tap sync --- Data be synced to a file or to the skydrive by one tap.
  • Check List --- Task item with check list in.
  • Super-fast Add --- Type in a add a new task item through the Add bar at bottom of the main UI.
  • Quick State Change --- Update task status by simple one click.

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14 July 2015

but i'm not seeing an option to turn off sync to onedrive