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    3.34 Release * Increase the syncing speed. 3.33 Release * Feature: Support setting health KPI for tasks. 3.32 Release * Disable the notifications on succeeded auto-sync to reduce noise. 3.31 Release * Enhance history search by searching more fields and by providing the status filter. * Record concentrate/focus time on tasks. * Fixed a crash bug. 3.30 Release * Flip the location for urgent and less important areas to align with traditional Eisenhower matrix. 3.29 Release * Add context menu to tasks in Matrix View. * Add a button to remove all checklist items for the task. * Allow progress to be set more preciously by set the step to 1 than 10. * Update the authentication library. 3.28 Release * Show editing button when the mouse hovers over tasks Matrix View. * Show editing button for tiles in Scrum View. 3.27-2 Hotfix-Release * Bug fix: Sync to OneDrive for Business failed except for the first time. 3.27 Feature-Release * Feature: Tag manager in settings. * Feature: Show task details in quick edit pop-up. * Tweak confirm dialog for unsaved changes.


Making use of your time effectively! With Arrange, it is clear and easy to priorities your work and arrange them to reach your goal. You can put the tasks into Arrange quick and easy. It will present your task into different views like a Important Urgent Matrix or a Scrum Board. Drag & drop tasks to different areas just like you are handle them on the paper or on the board. For each work, there's a check list to help review the work is done.


  • Do Important --- Show important items on most visible area.
  • Superfast Add --- Type in a add a new task item through the Add bar at bottom of the main UI.
  • Check List --- Task item with check list in.
  • One tap sync --- Data be synced to a file or to the skydrive by one tap.
  • Quick State Change --- Update task status by simple one click.
  • Darg & Drop support --- for task showing in Matrix or Board.
  • Customize Category --- define your own categories that fit your habits.

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26 October 2015

So far- I really like this app- I am looking forward to what they are going to do next


5 August 2015

Currently the challenge is you need to open the app to see your current priorities. Solution: As and when the priority get updated, can we update the desktop background with the priorities Benefit: we need not to open the app for reading the priorities and it will be visible when you go to your desktop. only when you need to reprioritize , you need to open the app.


26 July 2015

Outstanding App..Now I'm more productive than before...Appreciation


2 June 2015

Well designed and fairly intuitive


7 April 2015

I want this app to work so badly. The layout and partial functionality gives me hope that the developer will get it right eventually, but there are three issues with this version on Surface Pro 3 that prevent it from being usable. The three star rating includes one star for the potential. 1) The app comes with an example task. It is a nice idea except every time I delete the task, the app reverts to the tutorial; it is impossible to get to the usable part of the app because the code keeps calling the tutorial. 2)Moving tasks between categories does not work properly. I moved a task to a different category and deleted the former category, but the task was still assigned to the former and deleted category. It showed up under all categories but not under the category I had moved it to. 3) Also related to categories, created and deleted categories do not get updated to the 'move tasks' part of the settings. I deleted the 'Life' category and created another but this was not updated.


20 March 2015



25 February 2015

This is helping a very disorganized person to become much more organized. App lets you prioritize, then reprioritize when necessary. I can track my progress on completing each task, no matter how large or small. Once I complete each task, I'm more motivated to complete the next one. I use this on a daily basis. Being a paper person, I still take a list with me to mark off things as I do them, but this list begins and ends with Arrange.


6 February 2015



23 January 2015

The app is ok but without a windows phone app that can synch tasks it is pretty useless for me


19 January 2015

This apps record my works and memory. It organize me in very smooth way. One function needed is Alarm or Reminder that have more priority base on time or type. Thank you very much for building this app

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